Friday, November 07, 2008

New Boyfriend, and Ex-Boyfriends...

U.K.'s own Louis Smith brought home a bronze medal at this year's Olympics, but I'd give him the gold.  This 19 year old gymnast is more cut than Beyonce's wedding ring.  It's definitely very cute for him. He could "Pommel" my horse any day.  Call me Louis.


For the most part, ex-boyfriends suck.  They're just like roaches.  I couldn't ever see having roaches, but I have many ex's.  Just when you think you've bombed and sprayed, and they're all gone--there pops up another one, staring you in the face.  Do you spray it (confront them), or do you just ignore that you even saw it, and move out.  My normal way of dealing with an ex is to move out.  I don't even want to acknowledge the fact that we had what ever we had.  On top of that I'd say over half of my ex's I haven't even spoken with since we were dating, meaning if we had a disagreement I just don't answer phone calls until they fell off the face of "my" earth.  So when I see them, it gives "Hi, you know my job sent me to Malaysia around the time when we were breaking up?  Yeah, yeah what a fucking commute.  How have you been though?"  
In every other part of my life, I normally like to deal with issues head on.  Why do I feel so uncomfortable dealing with men and issues, and why am I so damn judgemental?  The first sign of any weakness and insecurity and I'm gone.  We can go to dinner, and if I don't like the way he holds a fork--I'm out.  I'm talking board up the windows, sandbags gone.  
Last night, well actually this morning I did some soul searching.  At least now I know what I do, and now moving forward perhaps I will be more accepting.  On the other hand though, I'm tired of taking on fixer upper projects.  You know how many men I've taken and have made over?  After you make them over, they move on to the next cunt who now has no work to do.  Before you know it, You're reading their wedding announcement in the fucking paper.  Fuck!
As we all are, I'm a work in progress.  It may take a while though, cause I'm a fucking

Have a good weekend, see you on Monday.


Acoustic Soul said...

Boy where do you come up with this stuff?? More cut than Beyonce's wedding ring?? Yea, most gymnist are. He's ripped, that's for sure.

In regards to Ex's. We're all fucked in the head at some level. Especially when it comes to love and relationships. We all have in our heads how we want our knight and shining armour to be, and when they ride in on their white horse, we think we've found the one. But then when the rain comes, and you find out that horse is actually black, all hell breaks loose!

I luckily have only 3 Ex's. Everyone I've been in relationships with have lasted years and years. My very first ex and I were friends before the we crossed over into a love relationship, so when it ended, it was only normal and natural that we remained friends. Up until the day he passed away, that was my buddy. My 2nd Ex I can only handle in doeses. After a while, I'm like ok, nice talking to you, let's do this again in six to eight months. My most recent ex and I don't talk AT ALL! He has fallen off the face of 'my' earth, and I hope the maggots are eating him alive. But I digress.

. . . . .what was I saying?

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

u have a safe weekend too folk

Anonymous said...

When is the next 30/30 ?

Corey Keith said...

Umm.. God, he's gorgeous!

Mr. Fabulous said...

O.K. Q, now you know my philosophy on men and dating...I DON'T DO IT. I've had one boyfriend in my last 13 years of being gay (you know the love of my life R.)and while it lasted for about 2 years and we ended on a very cool note, I couldn't see dating anyone else. I refuse to do men and issues which always come hand in hand. The first sign of issues and I'm fleecing.

As far as you are concerned, I've known you for quite a few years now and I have seen a few bf/dates come in and out of ya life and what you say about you getting a fixer up is SOOOO right. The person that comes to my mind is A.M. When you met him he was...well let's just say he was in completly different place in his life. After a few shopping trips to Georgetown and few of our guber-fab dinner parties and brunches with you and the rest of us, I couldn't tell when you ended and he began. The way he talked, acted and dressed had Quincy all over it. And that's when he started feeling him self. The transformation was complete and he knew it or so he thought...LOL

For me, my friends are my boyfriends. They are the ones I am emotionally intimate with. When I feel the need to be sexually intimate I call up one of my many dates who understands this is what it is.


Howard Cromwell
DCMF Magazine

deonte' k said...


"Do you spray it (confront them), or do you just ignore that you even saw it, and move out.".....

I would stomp on it 1st then move out lol.