Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's Only A Boot, and Weekend Wrap-Up (The Late Edition)

Does anyone wanna buy me these Gucci boots?  Anyone...?  If you give me 1400 dollars, you'll get some change back, it's not like I would spend it all.  Well, let me know.


Sorry, about not posting the Weekend Wrap-Up yesterday.  I slept in and then realized that I promised a friend to go shopping.  I had gone out the night before, and I looked like n extra from the Thriller video, so I had lots of work to do before I could go out in public.  
Anyways, rewind to Friday.  I worked late.  It seemed to be slow, and It looked like I would be able to fleece a tad early, but clients started coming out if the woodwork.  Norman came out to Tyson's to conjure, and we made dinner plans with my brothers Borzou and Sohale.  Sohale was on a date, and sorry again guys, but we showed up an hour late.  Damn clients.  We met them at Sakura the place where they cook the food in front of you.  I really wasn't up for all of those fancy tricks, I just wanted my damn food.   

The food was actually pretty good, and my family's company was even better.  Sohale's date was nice, I just don't think I could see her being my sister-in-law though.  I just couldn't see it!  

You guys have seen my brother Borzou before.  He conjures..lol.  I wonder how all that saki treated you the next day?  
Saturday I worked as usual.  The day dragged like a queen.  I could have sworn that someone combined two days together, and didn't tell me.  After, the long day I was exhausted.  I had a couple of things to attend, but it ended up being me and my pillow.  I felt like somebody slipped me a mickey--I was exhausted.  
Sunday I went to work feeling rejuvenated.  The day wasn't so bad, I left at 6.  I knew that I wanted to go out and grace the girls.  I decided on Eyebar, and left my house around 12:15 a.m.  I arrived to a packed club.  It was a cute crowd.  It seems like I hadn't seen a lot of the people before.  I had a great time, and even ran into my Fashion Mother (Carlton).  We were partying like Paris and her new BFF hopefuls.  
The only thing that rubbed me the wrong way on Sunday night was...Never mind, I'm not gonna say it.  Ok, I will.  Why did at least 4 people's breathe stink that I spoke to?  I have been in situations where I have been sans mints, but you work it out.  You go to the bar and get some limes ( a tried and true trick), or you just know that you stay your distance out of people's faces.  A couple of the people that I see out from time to time, without fail always have shitty breathe.  When I see them coming I start to hold my breathe.   They are always the ones who wanna grab on you and be up in your face.  I was about to scream, "Get our funky ass breath outta my face", and run out crying.  Instead, I held it together.  Breathe smelling like they snack on shit nuggets--just as nasty.    

This is the let out.  You know the queens don't ever want to go home after the club, they will stand outside and conjure for hours if they were allowed.  When the nightlife scene was poppin' over in S.E., we used to stay outside of the club until 6 or 7 in the morning.  Those were my younger conjuring days.  Now, I couldn't see not being in bed.  What a difference a decade makes.


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

bet the food was good and c u balling as usual

Joey Bahamas said...

Gucci also has a black boot out similar to this one, with a metal buckle for $1200. That's on my wish list!! Luv!!