Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up...

So Friday gave blah blah blah...For the most part it rained DOWN!  I came home after work, had a glass of wine and passed out.  
On Saturday work was the blower of all blowers.  After work fag 
Jonathan asked if I wanted to conjure Ruth Chris.  I figured I 
could use  a cocktail after the day I had. When I showed up, Abena was there.  Her breast greeted everyone that walked in.  They were ripe and ready to be picked.  She is the over pot stirrer.  I live! 

I should have known that it was gonna be a conjure.  So dinner turned into after dinner drinks at Posh.  From Posh it gave FLY lounge, after FLY it gave Andalu, and ended up the night with 1223 and SPANK.  I was still wearing my monkey suit from work, giving 9-5 cunt.  I got home at around 3.  I couldn't see going to work the next day.  I woke up to no voice.  I couldn't even speak for the first half hour after I woke up.  It was too much. 
Last night was our official "Girl's Night Out".  My girlfriend Yaneek planned for all of "the girls" to meet at The PARK to watch the game.  The food was amazing, and the company was even better.  I couldn't tell you anything about the game, or the final score though.  I do know that the Redskins lost though.  They are so tired!  
After the game, we stayed for the dancing.  There were a couple of over trade.  Besides the over trade, there were a couple of basketball pieces in the house, and the groupies were out honey. They were live and direct, giving full court PRESSED!  I'm talking they were perched and ready to suck a basketball dick for a flute of champagne and breakfast at the diner.  It was so sad.  These girls looked so thirsty, just foaming at the mouth for a basketball piece.  I couldn't see shopping for basketball trade.  The tea is that if they really wanted you, they would have snatched you up at the last 8 parties they saw you at.  Take you dumb ass home!

So tonight Normie and I are going to see this lady Maxwell.  She is the over R&B lady.  Jazmine Sullivan is opening for her.  The concert should be cute.  Trust me, you guys will know if it's not.  Holler back!  


Promiscuous X said...

Q...dam a flute of Champagne LMAO...really lmao..

Redskins lost to the fuckn Cowboys ...what a fuckn upset. Me and my unlce were betting on that game. They needed a much needed win last nite.

Steelers whoop that ass last nite though. Charge that lol

Maxwell in concert. I wanna see if he still go it. His no hit having ass in like a million years. LMAO

Holla at cha boy


Ps...keep it coming Q. lol

Mr. Fabulous said...

Hey Q...I live the for this posting...

Speaking of the groupies, tonight is Redskin's DeAngelo Halls 25th Bday jump off at Fly. I'm sure the chicks will be up in the packed house tryna get in. The sad things, the "Ballers" pay us so much more attention than the groupie chicks. I may fall up in the spot for a second for a quick conjure.


Howard Cromwell
DCMF Magazine

Acoustic Soul said...

Let me find out you serving corporate 9-5 all into the wee hours of the morning! Now you know if one of your basketball future husbands or ex husband would have been there, you would have had yo titties pert too!


Let me know how much you enjoyed Maxwell. Promiscuous: Maxwell will AlWAYS have it!

Anonymous said...

I saw the Maxwell show on the West coast. Two words Bump and Grind! You'll see

Joey Bahamas said...

"They were live and direct, giving full court PRESSED!"- Ovah!

I missed you out last night. I saw Hadi and Elias (sp?) though. I think I'm going to see you at this concert tonight. I can't remember if String Bean got tickets for tonight or tomorrow...anywayzzz...luv!!!


michaeliv said...

My yella ass stumble cross this blog...... LOVE IT!

I don't think Maxwell has that natural fro any more. will come back to read the review.

Sapphire Blu said...

i swear you have my DYING daily in my too small of a cubicle...

groupies are in rare form these days: sad cases...skitches!!!

Sapphire Blu said...

oops i mean you have ME dying... same damn difference... you knew what the hell i meant ;o)