Friday, November 14, 2008

Go D.J., That's My D.J., and Beyonce Gives Shhhhh...

Are you ready for the name, You may wanna get a piece of paper to jot it down so you can sound it out.  Didier Llunga-Mbenga is 7 feet 255 pounds of NBA chocolate candy.  D.J. as he is called, is Belgian-Congolese, and currently plays for the Lakers and the Belgian Lions.  

I love the handlebar ears, and at 7 feet, I wouldn't even have to kneel to...never mind.  

This one I'm definitely keeping my last name though...

Ok, so did any of you see Oprah yesterday?  Mrs. Carter graced the stage and came clean about the wedding and her life with Jay-Z...(crickets)  SIKE!  That bitch didn't tell me shit about a wedding.  Hell she could have brought a picture or something.  How about she is so over that she didn't even wear her ring!  I'm slightly over that (approaching and stands on soap box).  I mean, the wedding has come and gone.  I understand you didn't want a circus the day of the wedding, but why is it such a secret now?  Can we at least know what kind of dress she wore?  She might as well not even did an interview.  She should have just served Oprah with a mini-concert.   

Anyways, (stepping off soap box) enough about that.  The cd is great.  You can preview the whole album on Myspace Music. It releases next Tuesday, I will waiting to download it on ITunes at midnight.  Check out this song "Ego" from 'I Am Sasha Fierce'.  I love it, Get into it and have a cute weekend!


Acoustic Soul said...

My buddy was telling about the Beyonce song and I hadn't gone to listen to it yet, and I bounce over here to Q's page, and here it is. I like it.

DJ is big N tall

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

sweet hat he rocking

be safe folk

Joey Bahamas said...

Miss Sasha is something of a label whore. IN McQueen, Pugh and's cute for her...luv!!