Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Baby, baby, baby..., My Baby Deangelo, and Mad Max...?

So Last night Normie and I go to the new Matchbox restaurant on Capitol Hill.  We walk in immediately I see the baddest mother-fucking satan asshole child banging a spoon against the table.  No "stop it" from it's mother or father, or even a purse to the jugular as my mother would have.  I discreetly asked not to sit near the asshole kid.  The hostess took us to an upstairs section where (don't laugh) we were the only table without children.  They were loud and unruly.  I asked to move again, this time to the bar area where there would definitely be no kids.  
Don't get my wrong, I love kids.  I just don't wanna hear them banging the shit out of the table while I'm trying to unwind and finish my glass of Reisling.  Shouldn't there be a no children section, and whatever happened to a baby sitter or Au Pair? 
 If the kids were quiet or sedated with drugs, it would be fine, but they weren't--they were amped and ready to party!  Check Please!!!!!


O.K., so did you guys hear about my baby D'Angelo coming back?  He is indeed in the studio and recording.  There is actually a single called, "I Found My Smile Again".  It is being sold exclusively on Itunes.  I heard the track, and it's cute--vintage D'Angelo sound.  I'm just happy he is trying to get it together.  

You could have called me "wet wet" because of all the sheets I ruined while watching the "How does it feel video.  I would try to stand and peer down at the t.v. to see if I could catch a glimpse of his piece...  Talk about trade?  He is--well he WAS, the most over piece of trade EVER!  The people say that he has already lost 50 pounds and is getting that body that we all know and love back.  I need to see a 'How Does It Feel' Part 2.  It needs to stop where Part 1 finished, which was right around the top of his...


Of course we all know that Martin Margiela slays, but do these give Mad Max teas?  I'm on the fence, and it's a wire fence by the way--and it doesn't feel so good on my ass.  What do you guys think?


Joey Bahamas said...

IN NY this weekend, we went to this cute spot called 44 and a Half. Why did a gaggle of kids walk into this posh restaurant for a birthday party. Prosciutto wrapped snapper and bday cake...how dreadful!

"I would try to stand and peer down at the t.v. to see if I could catch a glimpse of his piece... Talk about trade?" I used to do the same thing...and I was like 12!

I actually think the glasses could work for you...just my humble opinion. Love!!!


One Man’s Opinion said...

I'm glad D is coming back. I wish him the best of luck. As for bad ass children when you go out to eat, I hear you. I don't allow my niephew to do the fool when we go eat at public place, because i want people to know he has home training, plus that shit annoys me.

LOL, you called them "asshole" kids.

thegayte-keeper said...

yeah that video is off the chains