Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Essence Ain't Slick..., and Plaxico, Plaxico, Plaxico...

So right around the time of Inauguration, look out for dual covers from Essence.  The two covers will feature Barrack on one, and Michelle on the other.  Good thinking Essence!  Way to jump on the "How can WE make money off the Inauguration" tip.  You know that every black person on both sides of the Mississippi is gonna run out and buy them both. They are calling them "Special Collector's Editions".  Essence twirled that, I'm not even mad though. 


31 year old New York Giant Plaxico Buress was shot in the right thigh this past Saturday night.  Oh no, no one else shot him...he shot himself.  Yeah, he was partying it up at a New York City nightclub, and a gun that he had concealed in his waistband discharged.  He is now facing criminal charges, and could face 3 1/2 years in prison.  You would think that at 6' 5" and 235, he would have at least a normal person's sized brain.  

What in the Coco Dorm?  He all chocolatey--smiling with his eyes and shit!  With those pretty eyes and cheekbones, Plaxico may not wanna go to jail.  He may end up the resident "hair-braider", if you guys know what I mean?  

In Jail...

Big Bubba:  "Aye Plax, get the fuck in here n*gg@ and braid my hair.

Plaxico:  "Man, you must got me twisted.  I ain't braiding your mutha-fuckin hair.

Big Bubba: (slowly moves closer, stares Plaxico in his eyes--licks lips) "Oh you not?"

Plaxico: (snaps and places right hand on the arch of his back)  "Boy, I was just playin'.  What you want straight back, or a swirl design?  You know I can also give you two strand twist?  It's givin' whatever you want."


Darktomahawk said...

Yes Plax is dreamy. A fine chocolate chocolate man indeed.

Thanks for explaining he had the gun in club part too. All I was hearing was he shot himself. I thought he was at home. Now I understand what all the fuss Bloomberg is creating about Plax having a weapon.

I hope brother don't go to jail though. For his sake!

Joey Bahamas said...

Cute as he is, as gorgeous as his eyes are, he is an idiot. How embarrassing!?!?!?!

And is it just me, or is Mrs. Obama sitting in that cover pic??


Acoustic Soul said...

Yea, Essence is trying to cash in on the success of B. Obama and his wife. Nothing wrong with it I guess, I just hope the INSIDE of the magazine has something beneficial to the readers regarding the soon to be 1st family.

As far as Plax goes .. .. ..I think when people feel they've reached a certain status, they lose they fuckin' minds. Nice eyes, nice lips, great body aside, what the hell was he thinking?

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

u insult the two covers with that idiot - dang he is a dumb azz

Mr. Fabulous said...

O.K. Why and I getting turned on by this conversation???? I LIVE!!!!

Howard Cromwell

fuzzy said...

Lol at the convo!!! I'll be mad if it really came to that! i mean stunned shocked and appalled...