Thursday, December 04, 2008

Hairy Pits...?, and Inauguration Countdown...

O.K., I was trying to avoid writing about this on the blog, but I'm being forced.  You guys know that I'm a Beyonce fan.  It would be go against my genetic make up if I didn't like her, as my little sister Joey said last night at dinner.  This bitch dances full out for hours at a time, in drag mind you and doesn't miss a beat.  Did anyone mention that she is one of the most beautiful women in the world?  Oh, also her ass landed the Jigga man, and got him to "Put a Ring on It".  Why are ya'll tripping over her missing a waxing.  This bitch gotta do promo for her album, perform, change hair and make-up a good 5-6 times a day, and perform her wifely duties--the bitch is probably exhausted. I would have more than a hairy pit! 
O.K. fine we can talk about it for a day, and have a ke-ke, but it seems that the media won't let it die.  Americans are so judgemental.  Add to that an American faggy, they will read you for filth.  Did anyone care to mention that her dress was amazing, or that her face was beat?  Nooooooo......This is the last I wanna hear of this foolishness.

Hairy pits at the 'Cadillac Records' premiere in New York.  So what!


So Inauguration time is quickly approaching.  Yesterday it was announced that restaurants will have the right to be open for 24 during the whole week during the Inauguration.  Clubs and bars are allowed to be open until 5 a.m.  There are going to be so many drunk asses stumbling through my neighborhood.  What do I do?  Should I stay and get life, or should I get a white Bronco and fleece like O.J.? 
 Last night at dinner, "The Fam" was discussing our plans for next months events.  My "sister" Nikki tells us that close to 6 million people are expected to come into town.  I know how claustrophobic I feel on Fourth of July when millions of people come into D.C. and crowd me out, and that's nothing in comparison to what I'm in store for.  I literally live right in the epi center of the storm, I don't know if I...(handed a piece of paper).  Excuse me guys, let me read this...  (reading aloud)Media Mogul Oprah Winfrey has just confirmed that she will be broadcasting her show live from the Kennedy Center during Inauguration Week.  It seems that Oprah told Access Hollywood that D.C. is "the place to be" in January (finishes reading, places paper down).  
Oh fuck that, I ain't going nowhere.  If mama Oprah is coming to D.C., I couldn't see leaving.  She might start feeling really fierce, and just throwing coins to the people.  I would get life and then die!


Anonymous said...

I agree, please let be walk. B is a sweet child who doesn’t give the media anything to scandalous to talk about; she is so young and so accomplished that that she deserves a pass for having a 5o'clock shadow under her arm.
Oh, did I mention I'm not even fan of her singing, acting or looks?
With all that said, I still have to respect her Stamina, Coin and her ability to keep you wanting more. Love u B... you too Q

The Sweeetest Child,

Joey Bahamas said...

Poor B. This is what happens when you get to the top. The only thing the queens on the bottom can see is under you're dress. They are hateful and them dust. Her pits maybe hairy, but that lady's coin is still, set, match!

"If mama Oprah is coming to D.C., I couldn't see leaving. She might start feeling really fierce, and just throwing coins to the people. I would get life and then die!"- Quintessential

fuzzy said...

thats all it really is! just a lil bit. give her a break is right, goodness! hell i just work 2 jobs and do church like jesus did, and i let alot of other things go! lol