Friday, December 12, 2008

Umenyiora and Ayodele..., Blagojevich..., and Don't Shame The Fashions

29 year old Akin Ayodele is one of my husbands this week.  The 6' 2" 250 pound over piece of trade is a linebacker for the Miami Dolphins.  I love him so much that his graphic tee in the picture above doesn't even bother me.  

Don't you wish this picture was a video, and that we could play it in slow motion?  O.K., ya'll can stop looking at my man now.  Go on and scroll down...

This is my 2nd husband of the week.  What in the polygamy sect?  29 year old defensive end for the New York Giants Osi Umenyiora can defend my end any day.  At 6' 3" and over 260 pounds, he gives me what I want--he gives me what I need.  Umenyiora was born in London, and raised in Nigeria.  You'd think he would have a hint of an accent, but he sounds like a trade from around the way.  This vicious of a trade with a British accent would just not be right, it would send me over the top.  The Lord knows what he's doing...

My husband is said to be quite the ladies man.  He has even dated Victoria Secret model Selita Ebanks--well who hasn't actually.  I think I even dated that cunt at one point.  She has been passed around like a blunt.  Anyways, my husband says that he is not good with relationships.  "I have abandonment issues from when I was younger, psychological issues.  I have a tough time truly committing myself", says Umenyiora.  Well he hasn't met me yet!


Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich is the ruler!  Besides having the most over hair since Patti Labelle in the 80's, he has balls of steel.  Why did he think it was o.k. to try and sell a Senate seat like it was a sweater on Ebay, or some shit?  "We've got this thing, and it's fucking golden", he was quoted as saying.  Jill Scott?  Anyways, Why is everyone trying to make money off of my sweet Obama?  I may jump on the bandwagon during Inauguration Week myself?  Shit, the old girl needs a coin.  Come on Blagojevich, let's get this money!


I used to be in love with these purple Dior platforms before Dawn of Danity Kane wore them SO wrong.  These purple suede cut-out pieces are (were) the ruler.  Was she kidding? Maybe it was a joke?  I'm still not laughing though...  Don't shame the fashions!

Have a great weekend, see you guys on Monday!

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Acoustic Soul said...

You leave Dawn alone. You know she's in a transition period. Man you are gonna have some out of this world last names!