Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up, Somebody Do Something, Ooooh Visanthe, Fools in Love, and more Brandon Parker...

What up Homies, I had a slightly boring weekend.  Friday night after work I went to dinner with my brother Borzou, Nikki, Normie, and friends.  We went to this sushi spot on H St. NE called Sticky Rice.  The food was pretty good, and I kind of like where it's located.  That area is so shady that I get life.  The neighborhood consists young hipsters ,Asians with tattoos and choppy hair cuts, and nice Blacks in Nike boots with concealed weapons and things .  That's actually where I should move!  
The spot was so crowded that our party had an hour wait to be seated.  I was starving with a capital hungry, so I went next door to Popeye's and got it in.  
It was a pretty early night, I was snuggled in bed by 1:30 a.m.  I had to be up for work of course.  Saturday at work was a complete blower at work, as was yesterday.  It definitely does not fee like a "Holiday" season in upscale retail at least.  Everyone wants a fucking bargain.  How are you gonna get Louboutins for Payless money?  It just doesn't work like that.  
So, last night was Sunday-- the "big" night to go out here in D.C.  I got a couple of text messages asking me if I was gonna hang out.  I couldn't see going out after all the drama from last week.  On top of it, If I were to see those queens who tried me, I would have perhaps fucked them up with the mood I was in. 
So instead of going out, I invited "Young Veezy" over.  "Young Veezy" is my 19 year old piece.  The one that claims to be "straight with a twist"?   I've turned into a cougar in my old age--don't judge me!  They are so eager and energetic, these young ones are.  I slightly get life.  Although we have never made it  to "home base", it seems like it would be one hell of a victory party.  Again, don't judge me!


What in the hell is wrong with this child Michael Jackson?  He has really gone nutty.  What is up with this Bollywood meets Zorro thing he has going on?  That mother-fucking commercial never lied!  When they said "A mind is a terrible thing to waste...", they weren't kidding.  Isn't it a little sad to see such an icon deflate like that.  You know what he needs?  He needs a good old fashion Joe Jackson ass whoppin'.  You know one that Joe used to give him back in the day if Michael hit the wrong note--Umm hmm, one of those.  That should snap him back. 


I know you guys heard about Vicking player Visanthe Shiancoe exposing himself live on the air during a news broadcast.  Obviously there was an interview being conducted in the locker room and the NFLer showed us what he had.  I haven't seen the footage, but from what I hear, its very impressive.  When asked if he knew he was naked on t.v., he replied, "How did it look...?".  How can you not love a black man?


O.K., so a friend of mine inspired this post.  You know exactly who you are...  What is the craziest thing that you've ever done for love, or someone that you liked?  
Remember that NASA chick Lisa Nowak?  Her crazy ass drove cross country with an adult diaper on to see about another bitch fucking with her man.  Her pissy ass was fucked up off some 'Love Lockdown' shit.  Wow, that must have been some good  
The craziest thing I've done was camping out outside one of my boyfriend's apartments to see if there was any unusual activity.  What in the stake-out?  I didn't find anything out of the ordinary.  After nearly 4 hours of me sitting outside in my car, I called him with a lie.  I told him that I had gone out with friends and had to drop one off near his house.  I never told him of course, I didn't wanna look like a crazy stalker chick--even though I was.  
Love/Like is some crazy shit man.  It will make you do some stuff that you would never imagine doing in all your days.  I still don't think I would drive cross country in a Depends for a nigga, but who knows, the day just began.


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Joey Bahamas said...

The carziest thing I did was let my crazy bf at the time move in with me. Ruined my life for almost a year.

The "turtle neck" is cute...I may glue some pieces of broken mirror on one of my sweaters, giving DIY fashions.LOL

PS and BTW, why are his thighs so ovah!


Anonymous said...

ok first...let me tell you the next time you got out, I must get an invite. But I dont think you want to move there..
Second where was I when he was exposing...see I keep missing all the fun.
Third I dont know about you...but whatever it takes to see if my love is cheating then its done...awwno but not a damn diaper..

Acoustic Soul said...

Why is MJ hunched over like that. UGH! Nowadays when I see him, I just roll my eyes.

Now surely you can do so much better than that picture you posted of Shiancoe. You need to youtube it up and find us the actual clip/interview. LOL

Something crazy I did in regards to like/love?? I've sliced tires (once).

Anonymous said...

Visanthe Shiancoe -Yes I caught that!!I was wondering if anybody else noticed that. I didn't see anything (your picture is as good as it gets)and I sho was lookin hard due to shock. I don't think he realized he was on live t.v. eventually he wrapped the towel around...

Mr. Fabulous said...

Fret not Q babes, my readers have been forwarding me video of the little penis slip since it happened. The best footage I got was
the video plays once in real time and once in slow motion. You see it all. I should really get in to celebrity news. My readers stay on top of thier game.


Howard Cromwell
DCMF Magazine