Thursday, January 01, 2009

Holiday Wrap-Up, Quincy Harrison, Princess?, and Go In Jay...

Hi you fuckers, I'm back.  The Holidays are so hectic, especially when you work retail.  My ass was so tired when I got home, that the only thing I could do is pour a glass of wine and retire for the night.  I'm glad that is all behind me.  Now back to your regularly scheduled blog...

This is my mafuckin' Christmas tree, ain't it cute...?  That bitch is so about to come down though.  If I have to vacuum up one more pine needle, I'm going to lose it.  It does smell nice though when I walk into the apartment, it's so fragrant.  Sometimes you just get a whiff of it when you least expect it--kinda like a Pine Sol fart.  
So, my Christmas was great ( I apologize for saying fart and Christmas so close to each other).  I went home to Stafford on the night of the Eve, and returned on Christmas night.  I had to be at work bright and early on the next day of course.  Now I'm on a much needed mini-vacation.  

Migdalia, my friend from college came down and brought the baby.  

I took him tennis shoe shopping at one of my spots.  He said that everything was "hot".  Now he has fresh kicks just like his Auntie Q.  Today we are doing brunch and ice skating.  I guess you guys are wondering why I'm up so early on New Year's Day?  I couldn't see going out!  I was in bed by 9.  I had a nice bottle of wine and relaxed.  I can go out whenever I want.  No one is the boss of me to tell me that I must go out on New Year's Eve.  Besides, it's all bridge and tunnel, fuck that...!


I know I've nearly worked my way through the ENTIRE NFL, but come on...James Harrison?  I think this is it people?  He is all I'm looking for, a chocolate bodied ovah piece with a coin.  Did anybody besides me get into those biceps?  All I know is that this nigga wasn't under my Christmas tree on the 25th.  I wrote it completely legibly on my Christmas List:  One Chocolate Bodied Ovah Piece With Coin.  My mother always said to never trust a chubby white man.  


Why is Princess so over?  This mother fucker right here always has a slaying cunt on his arm.  The shade though is that why is his face always more beat than his cunt's.  He also always has n a higher pump that his cunt as well.  Get into that!  Princess was spotted in the pic below at a basketball game last week.  I'm sure you guys have heard that Princess can ball right?  Wouldn't it be the ruler if she went to the NBA, and slayed all of the trade.  Her uniform would be purple(she would have to play for the Lakers) with the ass out, and she would play full court in a Louboutin.  I think the trades would get life.  He would shoot three pointers for filth!  There is no such thing as defense when someone on the opposing team is wearing an ass-less leotard.  They would just let him shoot, and not even get close.  

Why is she seductively drinking with a straw?
photo: ybf

Damn Jay?   I know that you and B are on vacation, but you must have spit this remix out real quick before you left.  It was the year of Lil' Wayne, but we still know that you are the King.  This proves it, cause Jay goes in...

Go Hard Remix 


Oh, Happy New Year...

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