Friday, January 02, 2009

Where Could My Ass Cash This Check?, and Random Shit...

Why is everyone writing New Year resolution checks that their asses won't be able to cash?  I've encountered at least 3 people who are making resolutions so far from their realm or reality that it's ridiculous. You won't catch me making any crazy resolutions.  I attempt to resolve to do better daily, so it's no big deal to me.
 My sister (who curses like a sailor mind you) has proclaimed that she has stopped cursing cold turkey.  From now on, she'll spell out "bad words".   On the night of NYE, she had just yelled to her husband, and I quote.."You betta take your dumb ass downstairs and clean up those mutha fuckin' dishes...".  Just by shear statistics, what is the probability that she will be calling someone a "bitch ass" by Saturday--very high I'd say.  
I'm not saying don't make resolutions, just make realistic ones...
A co-worker of mine wants to lose 30 pounds (in a short period of time mind you).  Her ass won't be losing shit besides her mind, if she actually believes that she'll shed 30 pounds in 3 weeks?  No read or shade, but not the way she frequents the vending machines...
So in conclusion, I just want to charge everyone to make realistic goals and resolutions for '09.  If you're a ho, you can't stop sucking dick cold turkey? As ambitious as that is, one should opt to only suck perhaps 4 dicks a day, and ween themselves from it slowly.  I'm telling you, I'm just trying to save you the depression and feeling of defeat that will come along with your failed attempt at a resolution.  Happy New Year though...


Look at this Cole Hahn riding boot.  Being that I don't ride horses, could I wear them while I'm riding--CENSORED.  Anyways, these pumps are quite handsome as Normie says, and are on sale on  Ride away...


I was thinking that maybe I should enroll into the Army?  I wouldn't ask or tell anybody shit if this motherfucker and I shared a bunk.  Man down...


Why is Will so adorable?  If you haven't seen 7 pounds yet, go see it.  If I actually had tear ducts, I would have possibly cried.  He is progressively getting better at what he does.  Not to mention, his body twirled!


Chet said...

Happy New Year Brotha; Man you are so right about folks writing New Year's Resolution cheques their asses can't cash including my foolish ass, each year many of us claim a resolution that we are going to stop this or start that and the end results is we curse more, eat more, weigh more, tolerate less and lose love. Damn a New Year resolution.

The Riding Boot... Boi go for it, and yes you can ride you know what while wearing them, shit might even get your boots licked oops there I go the freak in me coming out!

Don't ask, but do tell if you have that soldier as a bunk mate. Damn ole boi phine.

Will Smith, should I say Jade got in for choosing him as a spouse, he is getting better wit time. Big ole butt, big ole feet there I go again. Great actor

Happy New Year to you.

Promiscuous X said...

YESSSIRRR .....MANNNNN DOWN, MAN DOWN...we have a situation lmao...Im playn catch up on ya blog well not really, im just gone start from the top and work my way down..wink wink lol...Yeah i didnt make any resolutions this year. It is wat it is and it is what its gone be.

I missed you too man

Happy New Year.

I have so many blogs to read..not tonite though lmao

Man Down

deonte' k said...

Those boots are kinda hot!

Will is my babe lol.

and damn that pic is hot.

I'm with u on the new year resolution thing man lol... that was some funny stuff u said lol.

Joey Bahamas said...

HAPPY NEWS SIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to get back to DC and chill. These island girls are trying to drive me nuts and I couldn't see it! Luv!!!


Acoustic Soul said...

I live for you Q. U are too damn funny!

First of all, I'm with you on these resolutions. We need to learn how to live within our means. Set realistic goals. Obviously there is nothing wrong with self improvement.

Those boots are hot. Makes me think back to a suit I saw John Legend wearing where he had on riding boots. I think they are just called "riding boots". There is no distinction as to what you should be riding while wearing them, so if you're riding and wearing them, you are serving their purpose. LMAO!

You can join the military is you want to. You'll run into more than just cute guys!

Will is such a cutie!

Mr. Fabulous said...

Hey Q Babes,
Seems like I haven seen you in ages. I'm sure we've both been extreemly busy. In any case, I an just catching up on all of my "MUST READ" blogs today and I am literally busting stiches... your NYE piece was funny as HELL. I get life off of bridges and tunnel. I partied hopped all eve and you are soo right. Very bridges and tunnel.

We must catch up early next week.


Howard Cromwell
DCMF Magazine