Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ooooh Woman Why You So Loose...?

Did the people hear about the people?  Well if you didn't, here goes.  Jermaine Jakes, son of prominent minister T.D. Jakes was arrested on indecent exposure charges last week.  The poor baby was caught by undercover police while masturbating and exposing himself.  Jakes performed the act in Keist Park, a popular cruising location in Dallas.    The affidavit says that Jakes penis was visibly erect through his pants.  He then made eye contact with the officers and started to masturbate in a public park.  Ummm umm umm, what a shame...  How ironic is life?  While his dad spends the day rallying to oppose laws to protect homosexuals, his son is trying to get a nut in a park.  
T.D. Jakes deserves all of the embarrassment coming his way.  If black families and churches would just talk about homosexuality instead of trying to sweep it under the bearskin rug, perhaps gay men and women wouldn't have to "sneak around".  The whole point of Christianity revolves around inclusivity.  My God doesn't hate or discriminate, and it's quite sad to see major heads of churches preach that.  You know what Jermaine Jakes should have done? Jermaine should have interrupted Sunday service one morning and invited dragons (drag queens), and faggies, and bears to come walk for the Lord.  I'm talking a full out Ball in the middle of service complete with runway and vogueing.  The Lord has a sense of humor, he would get life, I know I would.


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Corey Keith said...

This has been absolutely priceless! Get life, indeed!!!

Acoustic Soul said...

I had heard about this. This is a TRIP! I can't take it!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

LMAO at the pic looks likee a fat p diddy

Promiscuous X said...

OMG Q ..Your a a mess homie lol..

Im cracking up


I so missed ya blog lol