Thursday, February 19, 2009

Why Is Everybody Naked...?

Who remembers Danity Kane? I mean, there has to be
They had the little song that went baa daa daa daa daa da da da.
Anyways, Aubrey O'Day formerly of Danity Kane realized that she had
bills after Diddy kicked her out of the group. As any resourceful
cunt would do, her ass posed for Playboy. The pics are tasteful and
air brushed for eternities if I may add. I'm not mad girl, get that
money. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw Dawn getting her life at
Magic City. A girl has to do what a girl has to do. Now that would
be a reality show. What are these cunts going to do post semi
successful talentless girl group? It should be called 'Making the

Did anyone see the nude pics of Ms. Raz B? She obviously was feeling really sexy this past week. This lady had the nerve to post pics on Adult Space of herself. The photos include full monty pics as well as a "money shot". Get into the pics on Oooohhhh, by the way if you're at work you may wanna check them when you get home.



Sapphire Blu said...

LMAO @ "making the rent." i need to do the same thing but to mine would be called "making the payments to uncle sam."

Promiscuous X said...

Another classic..

Thank you for the WARNING. I sure as hell was about to check them at work lol..All hail the G1..thats were I will be saving my pics too LMAO.

RAZB can get it ASAP lol

Dusty Boot said...

u still crazy. lol. great post.

Kendal said...

I'm hoping Danity Kane gets back together I love them. And I saw the Raz B pics and I actually think they are him, but I don't think he put them up there...then again you never know. Great Post Though

Acoustic Soul said...

You kill me Q. Making the Rent. LMFAO!!!

RazB . . . .tisk, tisk, tisk