Monday, February 02, 2009

Super Bowl plus Superwomen=...

So, the Steelers won!  I don't know what I would have done if my poor Troy would have lost his little Super Bowl thing.  Congrats to James Harrison for that sick 100 yard run.  He looked pretty good while doing it as well.  

This picture has nothing to do with the Super Bowl.  He is just hot and holding a football.  Leave me alone, alright?

So anyways, last night was declared "Ladies Night".  Since most of the boys were glued to their televisions, we decided to go out on the town.  We started at MUSE Lounge.  This is an amazing space.  For those of you in D.C., it was formerly R&R.  We watched the last half of the game there, and after the game realized that the crowd looked a tad young.  We had to leave before they started beating their feet and things.  
We all decided to hit it to PARK.  We went in and it was late.  There was hardly anyone in that bitch, and the people that were there were tired.  
There was only one thing left to with the queens!
We arrived to a packed house at Eye Bar. The drinks were cute, and the music gave us what we needed!
I wish I would have gotten a picture of this queen who was shaking his ass better than any cunt I'd ever seen.  Leata and Neek were amazed, and said they were going to him for lessons.  

Leata is the problem of the group.  Why is she cupping her breast like that?  I live!

...blame it on the vodka, blame it on the henny, blame it on the blue top, that's my brother Kenny.  Blame it on the a a a a a alcohol...

Fun times!  Peace fuckers...


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

2nd greatest sB behind titans vs rams

happy black history months


Anonymous said...

I just don't understand????
This must to stop!


deonte' k said...

LOL, ur too funny boy... that pic is hot!!!!! Nice pics of u out with the ladies. ;)

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