Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up, R.I.P.?, and Hold Me Back...!

Good day all, It's about that time for the weekend wrap. Let's start with Thursday.  I was off, but had a 3rd interview for a job I'm hoping to get.  I think the only thing left for me to do for them is the 'stanky leg' dance while they record it and put it on You Tube.   I mean damn!  Thursday night I met friends for happy hour drinks.  After happy hour I came home to rest up for my sister Joey's party at Bebar.  It was so cute.  I am very proud of my sister.  I left at around 2:00 a.m., and made my way home.  I was walking down the hall to my apartment door, and saw my neighbor sitting outside her door.  She told me that she was locked out, and that her roomie would be home SOON.  What does soon mean to you guys--perhaps 10 to 15 minutes?  I invited her in.  This bitch was in my house until 3:30 in the morning.  Not only was she posted up on my couch, but she was eating my snacks and asked what I had to drink.  Even after she left, I couldn't sleep.  I was so wound up.  
Friday at work was hell.  I came home and passed out.  Saturday was a tad better.  Normie came to surprise me at work, and we had Outback.  I always order so much there.  I love their food.  I think I was eating and trowing up at the same time.  I gorged myself with everything you could imagine.  
Yesterday work went by fast.  I came home to relax and prepare for a night out.  I had promised a friend who promotes that I would stop by his little party.  My sister Joey came by, and we hit it over to Josephine's.  Once inside I thought that I had entered a twilight zone.  The crowd was so weird.  It was giving Jurassic Park.  There were so many dinosaurs there that it looked like an episode of 'The Flintstone's'.  If they weren't old, they were bammas.  One guy had on head to toe Ed Hardy.  I couldn't even see his eyes, he was in Ed Hardy camouflage!
Even though it was a friend's birthday, Joey and I decided to sneak out and go party with the fags.  We were a half block away, and I could see a line.  It was 1 in the morning?  Why was there a line?  I couldn't see standing in a line to get into that tired club with those thirsty ass fags.  The only club I would have stood in line for was Studio 54 were they were dancing to the beatest disco, snorting the most beat coke, having the beatest unprotected sex, and sharing the beatest most over dirty needles of all.  I would have waited in line to see Michael Jackson and Bubbles popping champagne with Elizabeth Taylor.  I live!  
Since Eyebar wasn't Studio 54, we went back to Josephine's.  We made the best out of it, and drank until it became somewhat fun.  Happy Birthday by the way Abena, your camel toe looked so lovely last night.  
This is the type of graffiti that I'm used to.

Not this?  I got onto the train the other night, and some little fucker felt the need to use a permanent marker for evil.  Lil' Chris from Trinidad is so over!

How sweet of him to deface Metro Transit property in the name of his deceased friend Darnell Ryan.  It almost brings a tear to my eye.

How dreadful...

So we all know how I feel about Larry Johnson, right?  
He is so dreamy, isn't he...? Answer me dammit...

Those dimples, that smile...  Ummm!  Even though I hear that he's a woman beater, it's okay.  I think I would let him beat me, he is just that fine.  I finally got rid of that damn Julissa that he was dating, now this?

Chilli?  Isn't she like 60?  She couldn't bag Usher, and now she wants to push up on my man?  Someone should hold me back!  She sure does get around, doesn't she?  Wasn't homegirl just dating T.J. Holmes?  I couldn't see Chilli "Creepin" with Larry, "Chasin' Waterfalls" and shit giving him her tired ass "Red Light Special".  Ummm, it looks like she "Ain't too proud to beg".  How dreadful!

"Baby, baby, baby"...  Somebody better get her, I'm not playin'!

Why is Kenny Burns in that picture with them in Fall '08 Prada?  CONJURE!


Dusty Boot said...

ugh. I can't stand graffitis. Oddly enough there's this lil punk (14 years old) in my neighborhood that goes by "Lil Chris" too and runs around with the local so-called gang or whatever. I popped him upside the head one day for spray painting the local coffee shop with his initials and dragged his ass home and told him if I ever caught him again he's coming to the military with me.

Dusty Boot said...

why does your next word verification image reads "pussingo". so wrong....

Sapphire Blu said...

LOL @ the chick locked out asking for snacks AND something to drink. maybe she's seen you bring in groceries and locked herself out since we know you buy top of the line ish ;o)

ick to THAT graffiti, now when you are creative with spray paints that's a different story.

Q said...

Dusty, you are too

Joey Bahamas said...

You should've thrown her ass out a window...and Josephine's was a kiki...the old lady with the brown elasta-band pants!!! How dreadful...


YBandDL has got Chris Brown's back said...

I thought Chilli was with Floyd Meyweather? Damn they move on so quickly...Chilli looks rough in that last picture...kinda busted.

Larry Johnson is cute I guess, something about him...not my taste though. Don't he look like a selfish lover in bed, he looklike the type of nigga that would leave you hanging after he got his.

I hope you gave that neighbor a glass of water and called it a night...tap water at that.