Thursday, June 11, 2009

Trey Who?, PETA's Peters, and Scratch and Sniff...

I'm not sure if you guys have heard about the diss record that Ms. Treyisha Songz has put out against Mr. R. Kelly, but I myself can't believe it.  Ms. Songz "raps" and "sings" to the beat of Jay Z's newest track D.O.A (Death of Autotune).  This young lady has the nerve to try and come for Robert, talking about how he is "fresher" than R. Kelly?  I couldn't see it!  R. Kelly has provided the soundtrack for countless baby making sessions (minus the whole egg fertilization process though) for me personally.  Do you know how many times I "had" to  Let's just say that the cd was scratched by the time I was done with it. 
R. Kelly has been a beast ever since Public Announcement.  Lil Ms. Trey Songz still had her hair in pig tails while R. Kelly was telling us that "she got that vii
iiiiiiibe".  Don't even mention '12 Play', I think this cd taught me everything I know about sex.  
Can anybody even name a Trey Songz single?  Oh, I know...'I Can't Help But Wait'--Get the fuck outta here!  I'm sure Ms. Songz has played with her clit to 'Your Body's Callin', and has the nerve to try and read.
Anyways, I'm hoping that R. Kelly doesn't even respond to this nonsense.  With all of the hits that he has given us over the years, I'm not a fan of golden showers, but I would let him pee on me--you know just as a thank you?  

What's your favorite R. Kelly jam?   I wanna know...


So it seems that PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) wants a certain rapper to pose nude for their newest campaign.  Yes, PETA has sent a letter to T.I. in jail to ask him to pose nude for the cause.  I'm glad T.I. is gonna be on lockdown for a minute, because I need time to get my heart right.  If I would walk up on a nude poster of him without warning, I might faint.  Lawd, y'all know how I feel about T.I.  Better not nobody say nothing bad about T.I.!  Hopefully, Mr. Clifford Harris acquiesces and drops his pants like they're hot.  He really doesn't give much body, but he could walk in any Ball for "Face" all day long!  I feel a prayer coming on...

Let us pray...

Lord, please watch over T.I. in jail, and don't let any of those big men play in his boy hole.  Lord, please let T.I. know that him posing nude is for a good cause, and that it would mean good P.R. for him after his release from jail.  Also Lord God, please guide and direct him to leave that tired cunt Tiny.  Let him know that there are beater bitches out here, and that she looks like Smurfette.  Amen!  Oh, one more thing.  It's not about T.I., it's just for me.  Lord, I can't wait until I have a pair of the men's Louboutin's on my feet.  Please guide my foot steps in the right direction, and assist me in making the smartest purchase.  I said AMEN!

Fuck T.I. posing for PETA.  You know what would be beat as hell, if they got motherfuckin' Michael Vick to pose.  Biiiiiitcccchhh, that would be so over!  The irony would kill me immediately!


Special Announcement:  So, I'm in love with a new Creed!  It's called Neroli Sauvage.  I haven't thrown my Vetiver, or my dear Love in Black to the side quite yet, but I found this scent quite intriguing.  It has top notes of bergamot, lemon, and grapefruit.  It totally smells like "old money", kinda like death bed, sign right here on the dotted line grandma chic?  I live for it!


Garçon Stupide said...

Favourite R. Kelly jam? Hmm... Down Low (Nobody Has To Know), or one of the soppy Disney numbers, The World's Greatest or I Believe I Can Fly.

YBandDL has got Chris Brown's back said...

LMFAO...I swear to God as sson as I read you saying T.I. was asked to pose nude for PETA campaign, I thought you know who really needs to do this is Micheal Vick...and then a minute later I read you say the same thing. He for sure needs that campaign more than T.I. needs it. Although I hate PETA and their whole we like animals more than peopel philosophy, I think to get him self back on the right track Micheal needs to eat crow and call them bambi loving mofo and say you can see my long black twig and berries, on a billboard if you need it.

Look I love dogs, but hell I like wearing leather and suede too. I was in middle school with a pair of orchtrech leather dress shoes, better, and a pair of snake skin now, so you know PETA and I are not friends, but a Good idea is a good idea. Great minds think a like!

Tempted to go and get me a mink bomber jacket...I don't care what anyone says, I like them! The black is more elegant, but everyone says that the brown looked tight on me....but I felt like a bear in the brown...hmmm...what was we talking about?

Okay I'm from Va home of Trey Songz....and well the radio stations hear are eating this mess up, not since the first of the Chris brown scandal has it been so big about some celebrity antics. now I will admit I have bought Trey'z last two albums, and they were alright, but by no means is he a R. Kelly. He recently did an interview to defend what he said about R. kelly.

He said that their is no bigger fan of R.Kelly than him, he gives honor and respect to R, that's why he said what he said about him on that song, becasue he loves R.Kelly?...I'm like yeah whatever...but he goes on to say that he is upset that R. Kelly isn't putting out music like he used he said what he said on the song, to light a fire under R. kelly, so he would bring the heat on his next studio album. Basically he said that he said what he said to encourage R.Kelly to bring the heat in his music, like he used to, not as a diss.

I kept thinking during the whole interview, lets see where you are in 15 years and see if you have longevity, like Robert Kelly. This nigga has been through a career breaking scandal, and his soul torturing ass is still selling millions. You can't be the fresh new kid forever! He is offically a legend, but let Trey have his little twisted logic!

Do I really have to say what my favorite song is...."Let's keep it on the Down Low"

But no I really have a thing for...."My mind is telling me no, but my telling me yessss!"

OOOh I also love..."ooh nana nana, ooh nana nana, half on a baby, all I need is your body next to me!"

HMM Good times!

YBandDL has got Chris Brown's back said...

ortrich shoes I mean...damg my spelling is bad mofo, ain't it? LOL

Sapphire Blu said...

Trey SongLESS please go back to Petersburg VA where you belong.

Favorite R Kelly: "you remind me" and "12 play" *don't judge me!*

Wifey said...

Favorite R kelley songs are: you remind me, feeling on your booty, I will never leave.. And the list goes on and on