Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up, and BET Awards

Look a there, how are you guys? Long time I know, I have been trying to put the pieces of my life puzzle together. So far I have just only opened the box and poured all of the pieces onto the table. I will get around to it someday. Anyways, I had a great week. Work wasn't AS dreadful as it has been. Maybe because I had Beyonce to look forward to right smack dab in the middle of my week. Boyfriend number 1 was gone away all week. Thank goodness he's back, I was going through some major dick withdrawls. I opened a bottle if wine the other night, and found it strangely erotic. I don't know if it was the phallic shape of the bottle, or the popping of the cork, but it really mad me sweat. I'm all good now.

So Wednesday night I went to see Beyonce at the Verizon Center. The bitch is bad. I really don't have much to say beyond that. She sounded lovely, and looked amazing. My high point of the show was when she descended down from the ceiling wearing these ridiculously gay pumps that were not made for walking. She twirled in the ceiling like some type of faggot Cirque de Soleil act. I got life, and jumped up and down from excitement.

After the show, Normie and I went to grab a bite to eat. The city was full of queens and their hags looking for an after Beyonce show party. We went to meet my sister Joey at Shadowroom.

There she is twirling about. No one does it better Joey. We had a great time, but decided to go to Josephine's and hang with Negs and Bahareh. That's Bahareh below wearing the sick Loubi's. Why are ALL of my girlfriend's faggies? Oh no!

She was walking for blood!

On Thursday I had an 10 am appointment for a chemical peel. I showed up just a tad late (too much partying). I got my chemical peel and rushed to have lunch and a glass of wine. I didn't want to be out when I started to turn red. I went home and quarantined myself. While in bed, I heard of the sad MJ news. He will definitely be missed. We have lost an icon. Who will fill his shoes? Oh you know who, maybe Spectacular from Pretty Ricky will. You know the one that was dancing around in the pink panties? KIDDING! I'm soooo sad, but have been blasting Michael ever since Thursday.
Friday I went to work peeling and all. It wasn't so bad after I exfoliated, but my derm gave me a more aggressive peel this time, so the worse was yet to come. After work, I came home and relaxed. On Saturday after work I was chillin', and got a text from my brother Sohale. He asked if I was going to hang with "the boys" tonight. I live for my brothers, so I couldn't resist. With my plastic face and all, I somehow managed to pull it together. I met them at Panache, it was cute. Afterwards we went to Current. The music was great (they were playing Michael). While at the bar getting a cocktail, my Nikki Madi walked in with the girls. Out of all of the clubs in DC, and you queens find me
Needless to say the whole night became a conjure. Add Tamika and crew, Natalie plus two,

feathers, a stripper pole, a New York Ave loft party, cocktails galore,

a Birkin, countless Michael Jackson songs, breakfast at a seedy greasy spoon, pictures taken on side of the street in front of a CVS,

my red tennis shoes and patchwork pants, me getting home at 6:15 am, and that all equals a CONJURE! We had a blast. I think I'm getting too old for this. I'll be 40 minus 9 next month you know...


So the BET Awards aired last night. Overall, it was a good show. Jamie Foxx is definitely an entertainer. He knows how to keep a crowd engaged. Also, thumbs up to them for changing the format of the show at the last minute due to Michael's death. This BET Awards Wrap-Up will be short and sweet. Unlike someone else who was a presenter last night...

I'm not naming ANY names, but someone just could not shut the hell up last night. They just kept talking. They went on and on. I mean damn! I thought this motherfucker was reading a Harry Potter book to the audience or something. Damn! Also, why did they (I'm still not naming names) keep their hands on their pockets the whole time. They were probably fondling their Soul Train while they were talking.

Nothing is new. Tyra looked a hot shitty reeking ass mess. What the fuck is wrong with her. She looked like she just finished taping a show on fat teens, and then came out to the awards. F-

At least someone gave me what I needed. Thank you Amber and Kanye. God bless the both of you queens...

Jay ripped his performance. That man is the greatest. I had said if I were Beyonce. I would have gotten up on stage and started to "fag out". I would dance while he was rapping, and swing my lace front around all Brett Michaels 'Rock of Love' rocker chick like.

Keith Sweat sounded exactly like what Mary had a little one of...

Drake is beat!

Soulja Boy is wack, but can get it. He is 18, right?

Keri Hilson sounded like somebody hit her in the throat with a bag of hot nickels right before she went on to perform. She sounded horrible. Sorry...

Happy Monday bitches...


Jamar said...

Yes u are old lol. Naw j/p. I wouldve gotten more life from seeing Beyonce's performance at the Verizon Center than on the BET Awards of course I didnt even get to see most of it. At the time it was LIVE, my grandma was watching TBN so that was a NO-GO. Meanwhile I was reading all the Tweets on my Blackberry and heard how HORRIBLE the show was. I also would've gotten more life seeing Joey vogue. Meanwhile, Tyra did look a hot mess. I still need time to soak Amber Rose in. She looked more beat on the carpet then when I saw her later on the Awards. Don Cornelius looked gross on stage! Enough said lol. The performance that caught my attention was MAXWELL. I love our brother and I GOT LIFE FROM HIS PERFORMANCE. I didn't see the whole AWARDS SHOW (thank god) but Maxwell showed up and showed out. You had a great weekend! Ugh! I can't wait to get back to the A! Dorion's goodies gave me life as well and still do lol.

deonte` k said...

The BET awards sucked.... and If I knew you were @ the show I would have wanted to meet u. ;).. I was there too... :)