Wednesday, July 22, 2009

You Don't Want Any, Not Again, Hell No T.O. and Hola Senorita Cosa!

You know what? You people can't take MY president! You can't take MY president, because Obama will read a mother fucker with the quickness. When asked about Dr. Gates' arrest, he responded and said that the Cambridge police "acted stupidly". Why are the people going off saying that he doesn't know the facts. What facts are there? Dr. Gates encountered a jammed door at his own home. He used force and broke in. The police didn't arrive until after he was already in his home chillin'. You mean to tell me that Dr. Gate's couldn't have provided the proper identification/documents to prove that was his home? Chile, those police tried it, and they know it! Don't get mad because MY president read you. Get over it! Then MY President even went there and said that our country has a history or racial profiling. It's ok if you can't take it! Oh, and shut up Matt Lauer! I couldn't see ANYONE trying to come for Obama!


Nooooooo Lawwwd! First Farah, then Michael, now... How is the god damn Taco Bell dog gonna die? What the hell? I better write out a damn will my damn self. Everybody is kicking the bucket. Maybe the dog was asking for prescription drugs too? The bitch had a stroke and died! I guess I'll make a sweet potato pie or something for the repass. Awwwwwww Laawwwwwd (holding hankerchief over my mouth, and crying DOWN)...


It's no secret that T.O. makes me wanna J.O., but his show is quite bad. I only watched it with hopes of his towel slipping or something. If you caught it, let me know what you think?

The T.O. show which airs on Monday nights at 10 p.m. follows him around while he does nothing. His two publicist (who have EXTREME crushes on him), and his bodyguard/friend shoot shit while being taped. I'd be more entertained if someone poured honey on him while he was shirtless for the hour. Maybe next week?


So, I made reference to this song in my last post. It was the soundtrack for my day on Sunday. Junior Vasquez made this track back in '96 after Madonna was a no show at one of his gigs at The Tunnel. It was an actual message that he twirked into a beat 90's club song. It still pumps today. You have no clue how many people I made out with while this song was playing at the old TRACKS here in DC? I was 18, don't judge me!


TROY N. said...

the TO show is a complete let down and I'm wondering does he need the money THAT bad?? Its not a good look

Q, Truly said...

LIVin for the cleavage u servin in that new pic

Guest said...

hello Quincy,
this is madonna, are u there? call me in miami.