Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up--The Late Edition

Ok, so after an hour at the Genius Bar, I realized that my laptop doesn't hate my camera, it just hates the cord that connects the two. We are back in business people. Sorry I was away for so long, but as Lil' Kim says, "I was gone for a minute, now I'm back with the jump off!" And Action! So Thursday I decided to have a nice relaxing lunch at the new W Hotel here in Washington, DC in the rooftop lounge. The lounge is called POV, and that is exactly what it is. It's a point where you can see the most amazing view of the city. While I was sitting there, I saw a helicopter come pick up Obama and take off. He was being jet-setted off to New York where he addressed the NAACP. By the way, what an amazing speech, I'm inspired! I'm inspired to be better, I'm supposed to be (and will be) leap years ahead of where I am now. Did I mention I hated my job? Anyways, POV was great. Of course it was pricey, but there were pretty black girls in heels serving them, so it wasn't so bad.

Don't fuck with the mojito! You guys that know me, know that I can drink, and this shit had me buzzed. It was 3 p.m., and I was buzzed from 2 mojitos. After my $70 lunch (that is ridiculous, we are in a recession), I headed to the grocery store to do some shopping for din din. I had to cook for BF#1. It's hard being a soccer mom, without the kids, and the fake boobs, and the Excursion. Barbeque chicken and veggies for dinner it was, it was a hit! We ate and...
On Friday I worked late. I wasn't the best day at all, but I tried to get myself together for my brother Borzou's bday party at Panache. I headed into the city after having a HUUUUUGGGGE misunderstanding with someone. I wonder who that is? I got home and picked out the quickest outfit ever. I'm doing short shorts all summer--get into my legs! While getting ready, I get a text from my girl Bahareh, she was bored, and needed something to do until family came into town. Tamika and I picked her up, and off to Panache it was. It's always so nice to see family. HAPPY B DAY ZOU! We had a great time, but couldn't stay too long. We had to stop by FLY to check on friends. Big ups to DJ Dirty Hands, he killed his set on Friday. I danced like a drunk white girl in Cancun, it was great.
On Saturday I woke up put on more short shorts to meet Norman and Sydney for lunch. After lunch they dragged me to Pentagon Shitty. I hate that mall! They are always waaaay over the "gay capacity". Do you call the Fire Marshall for that? When I got home I was exhausted from the gay overload, and went straight to bed. I didn't get up until it was time to meet Dionne, Horace, and Normie for dinner. I fucked some Lauriol Plaza up, I really need that swirl margarita in my life! After dinner I went home and passed out to get ready for the Sunday pool conjure.
Brunch reservations at 12:30 for 5 turned into 1:45 for 7. The brunch was at Art and Soul, that's Oprah's old chef's spot. And I don't know if the queens over-heard us talking at Pentagon City the day before, but they followed us to brunch the next day. Alllllllll queens! I die, and live!
After brunch was Yaneek's pool party celebration at the pool upstairs in the Liason hotel Once we got upstairs to the pool party, it appeared to be no more tables. Once I worked my magic, one magically appeared. It was a good thing, because who get bottle service sitting by the pool with no table? Anyways, I can't even tell you how much fun we had. Just take a look...

Who remembers Junior Vasquez "If Madonna Calls, I'm Not Here"?
That song was my soundtrack for the day!


Darleata worked it out in those shorts! Snaps to Miss Sixty!

Family Pool Day!

Girls Gone Wild!

After the pool, we went to Eighteenth Street Lounge and kept the party going. Five shots of Patron and countless cocktails later, I was just fine (you don't ever want my tolerance)! Happy Birthday Yaneek! There she is turning it in that ruffled pink number. She always gives KING magazine cunt! I live!

Check out more of the pics here. Click on the last link for Yaneek's birthday! The first one is from last year!

See you tomorrow, my ass is soooooo late for work!


Icy said...

POV sounds yummie.. I will definately have to stop by there one of these days

TROY N. said...

::hypnotized by those yellow shorts::

deontek said...

looks like u guys had a ball... ;)