Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sly Like A Fox 5, I'm Startin' With The Man In The Mirror, The Hips Don't Lie, Now It's Rainin' More Than Ever...

I have to start off today’s blog post with a quick read. Here we go… How fucking dare that Fox 5 cocksucker Glenn Beck call MY President a racist. Well, first he says that Obama didn’t like white people, but isn’t racist, and then just flat out lays down the “racist” card. If you’re so damn intelligent, wouldn’t you know that if he didn’t “like” white people that he would be a racist? What a dumb fuck! I just think the whole Dr. Gates issue has gone too far. I myself am tired of hearing about it, and I’m sure Obama is sorry he ever parted those cute dark lips of his and said ANYTHING at all.

Is there some kind of reverse vittaligo that we can put Glenn Beck through? Perhaps, he can experience life as a black man, and then come back to comment on Obama’s actions. He took it a bit far, actually he tried it boot! Also, is there a way to cancel just one channel from your cable? Fuck Fox 5!


Y’all know I don’t like to talk about people (I said that I didn’t LIKE to talk about people, I never said I didn’t), but this chick tried it on the bus this morning. Do you see her makeup? She looks like she applied her eye shadow with a paintbrush! The word blend is nowhere near her vocabulary, and she has no clue who Pat McGrath is. I thought she was doing it as a prank, but I came to realize that it was real. She really walked out of her house like that. Obviously, she has some hatin’ ass girlfriends who keep telling her that shit looks good. They are setting her up and loving it! She needs a queen in her life to tell her she looks like a ghetto ass cartoon. Maybe Stevie Wonder beat her face?


Have you guys heard Shakira’s new single? It’s called ‘She Wolf’, and is quite cute. I’ve only seen the making of the video, and she SLAYS! The bitches body looks like a temple, and she is getting her Body Tap stripper moves on son! The video premieres tomorrow on MTV. Look out Beyonce, Shakira is back!


Make it rain on dem hoes with these new Chanel rain boots. They're beat as shit, and they're only 350$. Get em' while they're hot!


Guest said...

Right, I said does your sista Lucy need to be getting a pair off the Rayne and Ocean? I said pretty in pink!

Icy said...

you blog goes the fuck off... I love it!!
OMG.. shawty on the buss looked like a butt fugly hag. I am soooo mad she tried to match her cheap Wet-n-wild shadow with the 90's nurse smock like that. lol
And Shakira is such a beautiful woman.. I'm gonna go check out that vid. The chanel boots look so FABU. I'm googling those ASAP.
Keep these posts coming sweetie and come visit mine, boo. Kisses!

Claudia said...

OK, you slutty whore y r u NOT following me on twitter bitch!!By the way this blog shit u got goin on??? LOVES IT!!!!!!

Claudia said...

Tell me y my boobs look like they comin for u in this pic

KAM said...

I'm a stylish, sleek and wealthy girl. I own these Chanel rain boots; however, your blog, terrible grammar and lack of any education/style makes me want to throw these shoes out like they are Baby Phat. Congrats, you just smeared a classy and well respected designer's reputation.

Q said...

@KAM: You tired weak ass filthy cock sucking bitch! I sure as fuck didn't ask you to read my god damn blog. You call yourself "stylish, sleek and wealthy"? Who says that? So wack! As for my "grammar", it's a blog not a dissertation. I didn't ask you to pull out a red pen, no need for corrections. As for Karl Lagerfeld's reputation, it was smeared when your dumb wack ass swiped your card to purchase them you bum ass whore.
And what the fuck where you doing reading ALL the way back to July the fuckin' 29th? Obviously, something caught your attention you retarded cunt. Now get the fuck outta here and close the door behind you! BITCH! You have anything else to say?

Anonymous said...

who the fuck says sleek and wealthy? WTF?? i think if u have to mention that, neither r true... thats like people telling u how much money they have... UMMMMM, if u have that much damn money u wouldnt have to make it a point to say it.... also, if ur pressed about buying some fucking rain boots, CHANEL doesnt give a fuck about u... a client of CHANEL wouldnt be pressed about some rain boots... talk about some 15,000.00 jackets u have... talk about a basel star watch... talk about ur fine jewelry purchases... but dont talk about some fucking boots... ALSO - who the FUCK says baby phat??? and how did q smear a "classy" and "well respected designers reputation" Karl lagerfeld isn't classy, he's insane which is y he is so successful... we ALL HATE YOU BITCH!!!!!!!!!!