Monday, August 03, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up, Hey Kids It's Racist Monday!, Who Gon Check Me Boo?, and Eminem - The Warning

Riiiiigght! It's fucking Monday again, it seems like the time is going by so fast. I just turned fucking 30, how did 330+ plays go by already? FUCK! Anyways, for my birthday I will be accepting PayPal, cash, gift cards, and money orders (for those of you in the ghetto). No personal checks will be accepted. You guys have 24 days, so get with it!
My weekends have turned into major chill time. Things change when you are seeing someone. All you wanna do is lay around, eat, sleep, and fuck! I swear I'm gonna be like 800 pounds. I have no desire to go out whatsoever. Can you imagine what the winter is gonna be like? I'll be cocooned up on the couch from November until that little groundhog sees her shadow!
I did go out for a little bit on Wednesday night. A friend started a new Happy Hour party, and I decided to go. It was cute. After that "the crew" got a bite to eat and headed for another drink.

I was down for the count at around 1:00, but they kept the party going. I just don't have it in me anymore, I think I'm getting old? I mean shit, I was in the club t like 8 partying it up like Drew Barrymore. I'm an old bitch now, I may need to hand over my sash. As for now, Haagen Das "Brown Sugar" ice cream, my new "friend", and Astroglide are all I need to get the party started. Before it used to be 6 vodka tonics, Astroglide, a noisy dance club, a "friend" and HIS "friend", a trip back to CVS for more Astroglide, and another vodka tonic. Oh my God I'm kidding (side eye)...

I for one don't like to make general inclusive blanket statements about one particular race, but here at QJONES66.BLOGSPOT.COM, there are no rules. You can say and do what ever the fuck you want. Feel free to make nasty comments...

White girls who wear Coach bags like to be gang banged!

Black men who wear pants with pleats beat their wives!

ALL Asians are tourist, even if they have been living in that place their whole life!

God Bless...

So, I wanted to give you guys a while to chew on the premiere episode of The Atlanta Housewives Season II. Nothing has really changed besides the network giving the chubby wife the boot, and Nene's wig. It's still the same ol' drama. Everyone has turned against Kim. Obviously she has been talking shit about EVERYONE behind their backs. She is kinda OVAH in a shit storm kinda way. She couldn't see not wearing that Versace "heart" runway dress from last season to Niecy Nash's birthday party. Niecy Nash? I would have worn some sweat pants and my durag! She's like an H list.
Anyways, the stand out of the night was the queen party planner who claims to be married with kids who went off on Sheree. If you didn't see it, you must catch the repeat. They have been playing it on loop ever since last Thursday, so I'm sure you can catch it. The new tag phrase is "Who gon check me boo?". Get into that. Also get into Kim wanting to start a wig line. That's like Whoopi Goldberg coming out with a line of beauty products. Get your shit right girl before you pass it onto others (drops mike and exits stage).


I'm sure you guys have heard Mariah's "Obsessed" track that disses Eminem by now. Well, he fired back kinda hard on "The Warning". I don't even use Eminem, but he came for Mariah. If I were her, I would extend an olive branch and call a truce.

Enjoy! Happy Monday Fuckers!


Q, Truly said...

"(drops mike and exits stage)"

*screams* i almost just SPIT!!!

Joey Bahamas said...

I had to google that did that queen let that cunt shut him down with "Who gon check me, boo?"

Icy said...

I love your blog sweetie. It's one I always look forward to for constant updates.
and..yes hunnie..Sheree got real cute on him. I only wished she actually got "Pookie and dem" on his ass. lol He was too much. And as far as Mariah goes..Eminem let her ass have it. Mariah thought she was slick talking about "That isn't supposed to be Em in the video". She picked the right one, cause while her and throwback Nick were keekee-ing it up, Em was in the studio laying it out there. lol
Hope you had (or CONTINUE to have cause you should party forever!) a good b-day!


deonte` k said...

LMAO... yes that queen went off on that show... but alot of people think Mariah started this thing with Eminem, but he actually dissed her on plenty of his albums 1st... people just haven't heard it before.