Thursday, August 20, 2009

She-Male, She's Got Legs, and Crack is Cheap!

South Africa's Caster Semenya won the 800 meter yesterday in Berlin during the World Athletics Championship. Now revelations have surfaced that she was undergoing a gender verification test to see if she could compete as a woman. No lie son, she does look a little hard. She kinda reminds me of a trade I used to date, but she's a tad more masculine. Her Juwana Man, Vera Di Milo, Wanda Wayne, Sheneneh, penis tucking, adam's apple hiding, bull dyke ass does look like a man. She's more man than I'll ever be. She's light years pass a make over! In life we have callings, and wearing Louboutins is not hers--it's being a runner.

Now this bitch thinks she's a Q-Dog! Help her Lord! Congrats on the win man...I mean girl!

Why are the people going off about Michelle's legs? It was the number 1 twittered thing yesterday. It's fuckin' 2009, and she was on vacation with her daughters in 100 degree weather. What the fuck was she gonna wear, a shift dress and pearls? The tea is that her shorts aren't even short, they're "mom shorts". I can get Michelle in some coochie cutters if you want? Wouldn't it be so beat to see her in these...

...but at a press conference, with pearls and her sensible heeled Jimmy Choos? I would get life, and so would Obama. He wouldn't even flinch, he would give "WHAT"? You gotta love the new face of The White House!


(wiping top lip with handkerchief) So, Whitney Houston has been confirmed as the first guest of Oprah's new season. I would get so much life if Whitney went off on Oprah like she did on Wendy Williams. I swear I would DVR that shit and watch it on loop. They must talk about her drug use, and you know Whitney gets antsy when that happens. All I want out of the show is a full out 80's Dynasty cat fight complete with puffy-sleeved gowns, diamonds, and someone getting shoved in a pool. I DIE!

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Happy Thursday Fuckers!


deonte k said...

I can't wait to see Whitney on Oprah. ;)

Sapphire Blu said...

that he/she looks more like a he. the body form doesn't make one peep about being a GIRL. ugh!!! how about a damn mess!!!

michelle o is fabulous. the only other first lady who was also a fashionista was jackie o. the rest of those 'ladies' were a conservative boring @$$ MESS.

whitney: that should be interesting. i'm no fan of oprah *don't throw shoes at me* but i may have to tune in...

Guest said...

They were just shorts. i dont get what the big deal was? And poor thing, that bull dagger ran for her life.. and then they wanna hate and call her a he? Shade... how sad is that, when a fysh does really well they accuse her of being a man. Some cunts would KILL to be thought of as a "Real boy"...

Michael said...


You are the F-ing ruler of the EARTH (I am gonna borrow that I hope you don't mind)...I have just finished reading all of your blogs from archive and you have a new fan in me. Keep up the very real and interesting blogs...this is all I will say for now :-)

Sending you love from Hot ass Houston!

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