Monday, August 10, 2009

You Know What Time It Is...It's The Weekend Wrap-Up Bitches!

Son, it's hotter than a stripper's crotch outside. 100 degrees? It's about to be some stinkin' ass motherfuckers out this bitch today. This morning shortly after I left the house, I felt the need to go back for a shower.
Hopefully everyone had a great weekend. Mine was pretty busy. It all started on Thursday with my girl Lil, and her her birthday celebration at Policy. We started with happy hour libations that indeed made my hour very happy.

There's the gorgeous bday gal in the stripes with her galfriend. How cute are they? After Policy I made a pitstop at a horrible horrible bar. I hadn't been there in ages, but decided to go because the drinks are STIFF! I hold my nose to drink them, because the particular bar smells like rabbit piss, stale greens, and old cheese. The things one will do for a good drink.

Get into my pump. It took me from day to night. Thank you Hugo Boss for this one...

When leaving the "bad bar", I saw this girl walking down the street. Knock knock, who's there? Her fuckin' knees were knocked like shit! She should only own below the knee pencil skirts, cause this isn't a good look.

This also is not a good look. Some random girl at the bar at my next stop--the rooftop at The Donovan House. Does she have friends, or own any mirrors? She looks like she just got gang raped minutes before I took this picture. WTF? LOL? ROTFL? SMH? WWJD?

After Donovan House I took my pretty little tush home. I had to be up early for work the next morning.
Friday night was also a full night. I had my sweet lovely Nikki Madi's birthday party at Posh.

We got it in. She looked beautiful, and always gives BODY BOOT! Work Nik! After Posh, we went to the rooftop at the W and had additional libations. My man was falling asleep after an hour there, so I decided to go home and wake him up...
Saturday I had to work, and I was extremely exhausted. The commute home was ridiculous because of single tracking on the orange line. My sweetheart was waiting for me to get home. We hung out for a bit until he had to leave. He had friends in town, and had to entertain. I went to bed so I would look refreshed for the next day--I had a baby shower.
This wasn't just any baby shower, it was my sweet pregger friend Meridith's baby shower.
There she is with her beautiful sister. Get into her pump, it's Dior! You looked amazing Mer, I can't wait to meet my little nephew Cade!

I wore a green suede driver to the shower. It was extremely inappropriate. I think I also dropped the "F" bomb a couple of times too. I don't know which one is worse--the "F" bomb, or the green drivers?
After the shower, I had libations with my sisters at Houston's. I had to make it home to see my man, and to watch America's Best Dance Crew. Did you guys see those queens perform last night? They were over!
I'm blogging at Starbuck's right next to a loud ass lawyer yelling at what seems to be his assistant over the phone. I get life! I'm trying eavesdrop, and you people are distracting me. Peace!


Guest said...

I wish I was Merrideths baby or Bella or Obama. lol

Claudia said...

Those Hugo pumps??? LOVES IT!!!

deonte k said...

Love your shoes... ;)

Q, Truly said...

i like those green drivers