Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Random Wednesday Shit...

This bitch Beyonce was spotted in NYC yesterday having lunch with her hubby. She looks aiiiiight, but she just doesn't "get it" like my girl Rihanna. Besides, why the fuck does she wear hosiery all the time? You can't see them, but she is wearing nude fishnets. That is some bamma ass shit if you ask me. Her country ass had the nerve to put on those hot ass stockings yesterday. Who wears stockings and shorts? Who wears stockings (unless you're my mother going to church--then it's fine)? I have no clue who styles B, but she needs a new team of faggies. Mama Knowles needs to give it a rest. I just thank God she stopped putting her in those home-made get ups that Destiny Child used to wear. Just hideous!

photo: YBF


My President's birthday was yesterday. He had a low key celebration at home with the family. I'm sure he probably snuck out to Eyebar later on to get it in with the Kappas that are in town for the week. Can you imagine all the "cut" Obama would get if he went to the club? Chicks (including myself) would be throwing their panties at him. Well, until Michelle shows up at the club with her hair scarf on and her pajamas. You don't mess with a black cunt's man, they will cut your ass. Anywho, Happy Belated Obama. He probably has a hangover like shit this


I thought I caught "the itis", but damn... I was walking back to work from lunch and saw this man knocked the fuck out in his car. He was snoring like an over worked slave, and had no clue that I was even having a full on photo shoot with him. I was telling him to "smile with his eyes", and to "find his angles", but this was all he kept giving me? I guess he wasn't really up for a photoshoot? Maybe next time...

Happy Wednesday!


Sapphire Blu said...

LMAO @ Michelle in her hair scarf. that would be some funny ish!!!

deonte` k said...

LMAO... leave my Beyonce` Alone ;)

That photo is funny of that dude in the car. lol

Acoustic Soul said...

You are tooo damn funny. Telling that dude to smile with his eyes and to find his angles. You know he had to have been worn the hell out. Maybe he had some afternoon delight. You know how that wears you out.

Happy Birthday Obama!!!

Beyonce is forever performing. Someone once told me you never go on stage without hosery. Why they told me I couldn't tell you, but maybe Bey feels that way about leaving the house.

Icy said...

Beyonce has no natural fashion sense. People like Rihanna and Katy Perry know what works for them.. Bee keeps letting her stylists make her look so lame... she obviously still hasnt found out what works for her. Q when you get a chancce look at this vid.. I almost peed on myself from laughing lol: