Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Shit by Sheree, Halle Beeerrrrry, Halle Berry!, Bad Date?, and This Will Flip Your Wig!

Have yo guys heard? Sheree "Who gon check me boo" Whitfield of Atlanta's Housewives is showing her fashion line at this seasons New York Fashion Week (crickets). Hey, did you guys hear me? I SAID that Sheree is showing her beautiful line of homemade fashions at Bryant Park (doors slamming). Let me try this one more time. You guys know Sheree right (angry mob forming), she is finally bringing her upscale couture fashions to to the forefront (angry mob lighting torches). Ruuuuuuuunnnnnnnn!!!!!
Damn, if this bitch has a line, and is showing at Bryant Park I sho can! That crazy ass shit that Sheree and her team of ATL country bumpkins design isn't worthy of a 30 second commercial spot during Dateline. She tried it, and so did whoever allowed that nigger to show her shit there! Woiuldn't it be over if her fashions slayed though, and we ALL started to secretly wear it--ripping out tags and shit? That would be the ruler! I guess we'll see on Sept. 13th. See you at the tents!

Lord, Halle Berry done let that White man bust up in her again! No bullshit though, their first baby is a knock out! She slays and gives face for days. She could out-smile Tyra's eyes. Apparently, Halle is 3 months preggers. Congrats to Halle and her jizz donor. Jizz donors are over!


You guys hear about the date that went sour in Detroit last week? Apparently, a woman met a man at a casino and exchanged numbers with who she thought was "Chris". Later in the week they met at a wing joint (classy bitch), and ate DOWN! When the check came the trade said that he left his wallet in the car, and that he needed the keys. After about 15 minutes the Son of a Bitch didn't return. That bastard stole her car and her wallet. The Police did find him from a cell phone picture he sent her (Shorty sent a twit pic, said come and hit this!).
It could have only gotten worse if she gave him some ass. Now that would have been a bad date. Ladies, I'm sure you have some bad date stories--do share!


OMG, and just in time for this years Grammy's! Kim of the ATL Housewives recorded 'Tardy For The Party' along with Kandi her co-star. The song is OOOOOVVVVEEEERRRR, and I want them to play it at my wedding when I walk down the aisle. I'm not fucking kidding! Listen and get life! Her wig is beat as hell!

Don't forget to watch Chris Brown on Larry King tonight, and ladies try and keep your hands away from your crotches while watching. He looks good as hell!

Happy (looking at calendar) Wednesday!


Fuzzy said...

Now come on, guys have had the rough end of the stick too! Goin out and the woman is actin a damn fool embarrassing you from the moment you two see public's eyes! I even had one where the lady is drunk and tries to vomit in my car after me picking her up drunk! uhhhh... NO

Elle est Funky Fresh said...

You weren't kidding about that Kim "Tardy for the Party", that joint is catchy! Can already see it playing at the clubs

Deonte K said...

OMG! I can't believe she actually recorded that song lol... I don't know what to say, because Kandi really turn that song around (I gotta steal this and post it too ;) lol)... congrats to halle. ;)

ICY said...

oh lord.. "Ms. Fashion Release party with no fashions" is gonna be at NY fashion week. THIS IS BLASPHEMY! Someone shoot me, im dead