Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Weekend Wrap-Up--Labor Day Edition, 9/11/09, Caught by Q

So the unofficial end of summer is here. Thank goodness, I don’t know about you fuckers, but I’m ready for Fall. Bring on the boots, and the nubby sweaters. Sumer is such a drag, one can never dress properly unless you’re at the beach.

Anyways, I’m hoping that everyone had a great weekend. My weekend started out with a blast on Friday with Brother Mike’s birthday. It was held at Fly’s Happy Hour. I went home to twirl an outfit change after work, and was there by 8.

I was planning on it being an early night, but somehow I ended up getting home at 3 am? It was dreadful being that I had to be up at 6:30 a.m. for work. Needless to say, I was a raging bloody cunt all day due to lack of sleep.

After work Normie came to scoop me and we hit it to Pentagon City (Shitty) Mall for him to drop off his cleaners. Can someone tell me why that Mall always looks like a Gay Pride parade on ANY given day? I can’t take all those tired queen under one roof. Uggghhhh! After the gayfest, we went to Lauriol Plaza to meet up with my sweet child who was home visiting for the weekend from New York. There was a fucking hour and a half wait that I somehow shaved down to 20 minutes through my art of persuasion. In my house growing up, I rarely was told “NO”, I’m have major issues as an adult when I can’t have something I want IMMEDIATELY if not sooner. Damn you, and Thank you Mom at the same time!

So after I worked my set on a table, we had a great meal with my Brando. I’m so proud of him for getting signed to Ford, and making it happen. We’re gonna party like rock stars when you get your first billboard in Times Square! After din din, I was a walking Rob Zombie! I ran home, and hit the sheets like whoa! Before my head hit the pillow, I was ‘Gone Too Soon’ like Mike!

I woke up on Sunday feeling rested, but mad that I had to get ready for work (my 6th day in a row). The day went by fairly fast, and I was out of there before I knew it. I went home and punished some Popeye’s , took a disco nap, and started to prepare myself for a party later on that night. Jonathan came to pick me up at around midnite for the party, we went to retrieve mother aka Carlton and we were on our way. It was pouring rain outside, but I couldn’t see not going, I had promised friends. Once we got there, the vibe was cute, and so were the guys (Hi J, I only looked from a distance). After about 45 minutes of us being there the Judy came and broke it up—no alcohol license! Damn son, that sucks! The night only went downhill from there. After 2-3 more failed attempts to keep the party going, we decided to go eat and call it a

night. The Diner in Adam’s Morgan was packed with cheap girls in even cheaper pumps, so we decided to hit it to Annie’s on 17th street. I had a bad steak, and good eggs (side eye).

Yesterday I was quite lazy all day. It was overcast, so it was my kind of weather (you know I’m morbid, I hate the sun). I cleaned and watched t.v. until I decided to get up for cocktails. I met Joey at around 8 on U St. We went to Marvin’s and had small bites and libations! It was just what mama needed. I went home full and crashed. I was up early yesterday morning. Work wasn’t as excruciating as it normally is. My mom and sis came up to shop. My mom slayed and left in a hurry. After work I had Popeye’s (this has to stop). After I devoured a two piece and a biscuit (white meal only), I prepared myself to see my J who has been gone on vacation for waaaaaaaay too long. With the help of sweet child Normie, we were reunited and smashing just like God intended! Right now it’s noon, and I’m just leaving my house. I couldn’t see being on time for work! That glass of wine I had while getting ready kinda slowed me down, but I needed it for my nerves! Hope everyone has a horrible day! Byeeeee (both middle fingers up in air)…


Ok I swear all you butt sniffers better go see 'The September Issue'! If you don't know what this movie is or about stop reading right now, turn off your computer, and call your doctor for a prescription for Propophol! The movie premieres here in D.C. on Friday, and trust that I will have my face in the place. I couldn't see missing Anna Wintour saying rude things in couture. I just may stand and applaud! Can't wait (squirming in seat)!


I initially took this picture to bash him for wearing a bad square-toed shoe, but I couldn't after he broke out his Bible and started reading it on the train. It's the God in him (in Mary Mary voice). Can you guys join me in prayer?

Lord, I know you saw fit for someone to invent square toed shoes, but is there any way we can get rid of them? Lord, I'll have to admit that square toes were OVER in the 90's , and I sure as hell had some myself! Lord, it's 2009 now and NO ONE, I repeat NO ONE should be wearing them (Unless they are Roger Vivier)! In your name we pray. Amen! (shouting like a deaconess in church)...

...speaking of square toes. Do you guys remember him? He's the man with the enlarged crotch that I caught headin into work. He's back at again showing his crotch off to the world. Why does he have to stand like that? Why cant he just stand like a normal person. Let me just tell you that once again he wasn't wearing the proper undergarments, and things were jiggling baby. hmmmmm?


Whatever you say about him, you can't knock that he has a look. It may not all "go together", but good on him for trying something different. Fashion is about taking risks, and risky this outfit is... (crickets)

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