Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's 'Dynasty' Wednesday, and I'm Not Talkin' About Jay Z. Thanks Kenneth!

(deep breath) So, the other day my brother Kenneth posted a couple of YouTube clips from one of my favorite television shows of ALL time 'Dynasty'. I can remember being so anxious to catch the new episode every Thursday night. At the time, I had no clue why I was so addicted, now I know. The drag, the over cunts in beat ass jewelry, cat fights galore, and the over trades with coins. Real Story: My nephew's name is Blake!
There was never enough! There was never enough shoulder pads, there was never enough money, there was never enough "bitch calling"! It totally embodied the opulence of the 80's, and I loved it...excuse me, I love it.
No bullshit, revisiting these clips have inspired me to wear fur all winter and go around slapping random people and telling them that they there isn't "room enough in this town for the both of us!" How over!
Every Wednesday from now in will be devoted to 'Dynasty' in all it's shoulder padded, studded, and bejeweled glory! Get in!

Watch this clip where Alexis and Krystle go off on each other. Please tell me why Krystle tried to strangle Alexis with a boa, and why were they throwing sequins at each other while saying, "take that"? It is so over!


della! said...

yass and i know hollywood will have its rebirth coming soon. They cant seem to find new ideas!!

Anywho...Diahann Carroll is a black icon! yes mam! CLassy educated beautiful and talented...i bet the gals dont even know i have all of her albums..they probably didnt even know she sang...or that she costarred in the original carmen jones with dorothy dandridge and Pearl Bailey!!!!

Pam said...

This brought me out of my lurking stadium seats. I've been reading you forever but honeyyyy you bring up Dynasty and I"m there. They have it as a boxed set and that's on my eternal wish list. Now that I can actually drink while watching (Muscato so much better than the wine coolers the first time around) I am ALL THERE!

Did you also catch The Colbys? Another banger to end all bangers! Thanks for taking me back.

Norman B said...

Your blog is burnt! lol!