Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Katt On A Hot Tin Roof, She's A Very Freaky Girl, and It's Dynasty Wednesday...

So Katt Williams was arrested the other day for some bull shit about him breaking into one of is old managers homes. I really don't give a fuck what his ass did, do you see his mug shot? This has to go down in history as one of the absolute best. The only thing I have a problem with is that his ass should have had one of his cunts apply a Just For Me to his edges before this little photo shoot. Pure comedy!


So Ms. California Carrie Prejean has admitted to having a sex tape. She says that she was 17 and that she was sending a "love message" to her boyfriend at the time. There was no one else involved in the video, so obviously she was throwing gang signs up in her vagina.
You probably remember this chick from earlier this year when she got a taste of her foot when she said she opposed gay marriage. How is your ass gonna oppose gay marriage and you do pageants? The most over queens have beat her face and done her hair to make her look presentable, and you oppose gay marriage? Chile bye! You owe getting that far to gays. That's why your ass didn't win, you ungrateful ho! Go somewhere and keep making sex tapes you pageant pussy prostitute! (deep breath)


I found this clip the other day, and instantly got life. I live for Alexis! Her tongue is so truculent and ferocious. Besides wanting to be lethally injected for not owning her fur, I live for when she tells Crystal that she was "almost beginning to find her interesting". I DIE!


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Curious said...

Is it me or does Katt Williams look like he aged 20 years to take these mug shots?

Q said...

Yes Curious, he looks old as shit! Damn Katt!