Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tip Drill Tuesday...

So, I'm guessing my ex husband Nelly (go ahead Kenny he's yours now, I have a man) had his birthday party last week at an ATL strip club. Trey Songz and Jermaine Dupri were on hand to help Nelly celebrate his big day.

Fun times. I ain't mad at these girls, they are gettin' their motherfuckin' money! Look at all that cash. I could put a down payment on Madoff's yacht that's going to auction with all that dough. You know how many butt injections and Indian remy hair extensions those stripers are gonna buy with all that stash?

Hmmm, kinda looks like a ghetto Massengil commercial to me.

ghetto stripper's line in commercial: "When I'm on stage dancin' and shit, I like to make sure my mahfuckin' coochie smell right. That's why I be usin' mahfuckin' Massengil bitch, It's ovah! And also look out for the new dollar bill scented douche, it be makin' yo shit smell like a crisp mahfuckin' dolla bill..."

Can't you see it? I can...
I'm sorry, I don't mean to spoil the party, but I don't wanna have birthday cake around all those vaginas. Isn't that a little nasty?

Tonight we have a 100 percent chance of scattered showers...Make it Rain!

Sorry, I don't normally blog on Tuesday but this was a must! I'm sooooo trashy, isn't it great?



della! said...


sapphire blu said...

LMAO@ your massengil commercial!!! OMG!! !

Q said...

My blog IS "tacky" Della, that's the whole point of it...lol

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