Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's Dynasty Wednesday!!!

Sammy Jo always seemed to be fighting over trade. I couldn't see fighting over a man. If I absolutely had to though trust that there would be a vicious venomous tongue fight before I beat that ass.

In this scene Sammy Jo has words with Claudia over Steven. When Sammy Jo just wouldn't leave Claudia's mans name out of her mouth, Claudia slaps the shit out of Sammy Jo, and by dammit if it wasn't a back hand! It doesn't stop there, they had a slappin' good time. I swear one day I'm gonna put on a sweater with huge shoulder pads and just walk up to a random bitch and slap her for no good reason. Again, I must be wear huuuuuggggeeee shoulder pads or it simply won't hold as much weight. (thinking to myself) I wish a bitch would back hand slap me, I would....Ummm, ummm, ummm. Anyways, enjoy the clip, and if you can slap at least one random person today. Do it for me? Pleeeeaaassssseeee?

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