Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's Dynasty Wednesday...

Sorry for missing last week's 'Dynasty Wednesday', a bitch was busy! Catch today's clip where Alexis takes control of Denver Carrington (Blake's oil company).

This bitch had the nerve to walk into the room and threaten to fire all who would vote against her. You can say many things about Alexis, but I'll be damned if you can say that she wasn't about her coins. We should have a little Alexis in all of us. Fuck that, we should all have ALOT of Alexis in all of us. You can call me names, lie to me, or even cheat on me, but you can never fuck with my money. That's when you end up hog-tied naked and dropped off on your mama's porch!
Enjoy the clip, and catch my highlight when Alexis asks Adam to pour her a glass of water that she couldn't ever see drinking! Damn I love the 80's! (wink)

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