Monday, January 11, 2010

And My Weekend Went A Lil' Somethin' Like This, Lemme See That..., Caught by Q, and Ooooppp!

Hello to all my lovelies, and middle fingers up to all you fuckers I don't like, but who still read my blog cause your a fuckin' stalker! I'm a nobody, why are you concerned with what I'm doing if you don't use. If you stalk a nobody what does that make you...(waiting for an answer). Hidin' in my bushes and shit!
I'm hoping everyone had an eventful weekend. I'm ecstatic about my day off, being that I'm coming off of a 6 day stretch. I didn't think my ass was gonna make it. No seriously, I thought I was gonna die. Work equals casket! Today I'm gonna sit on my ass until it's raw (no homo), until I have dinner later with 'The Real Housecunts of DC'.
On Thursday I worked early, and rushed backed into the city to get changed for a meeting with "The Crew". We met at Busboys on K St. I don't know if it was because I was hungry as shit, but those damn wings I had punished my taste buds. They were so good. I bet if I go back and get them today, they'll be nasty as shit!

It was cold as hell on Thursday, and the wind was blowing like in the tornado scene on 'The Wizard of Oz'! Normally everyone hangs around for a bit and chats, but these mofos scattered like roaches. I contemplated having another drink, but I hit it home. I had to be up early on Friday.
Work was boring as usual. Ever been in solitary confinement? Well work in upscale retail right after the Holidays, and you'll know what it feels like. The only thing I had to look forward to that day was lunch with my favorite Albanian Princess!

We went to The Ritz and I had an amazing Lobster Cobb. Aureta had a turkey sandwich that was almost bigger than her patent Limited Edition jumbo classic! We talked fashion, and dished dirt just like a couple of girls should at lunch. Can't wait for our dinner date next week! You guys should have already saved her in your favorites, but if you haven' Check out her whole outfit today. This girl eats bitches for dinner!
After my awesome lunch, the rest of the day seemed to fly by. I was back in the city before I knew it having dinner with my heart!

I fucked that steak up Son! I don't even think I chewed it, I just swallowed whole pieces. After dinner we headed home and it was lights out pretty early.
The next morning I woke up kinda pissed. At this point I had worked 5 days, and it wasn't funny anymore. Working that many days in retail is unheard of, you get burned out! I reluctantly got dressed and headed to work. I don't even know what the fuck I put on, I just remember not liking it. With the mood I was in, it was no time to vacillate over wardrobe!
Good for me the day went by kinda quick.
Earlier in the week I had discovered that Chopteeth, an Afrobeats band was playing at Rock and Roll Hotel on Saturday. I had heard them before, and knew that they rocked out!

Their restrooms are so pretty this time of

For some reason, I'd rather hang out in a grungy downtown dive over a "swanky" establishment any day. Maybe it's all the time I spent in the Lower East Side and Alphabet City while I was in New York. Besides, no one is being pretentious or stuck up. It's all about having fun. Look for more pics from Saturday soon. I did a whole "Where's Quincy" photo shoot. It was hot...

...and so were these cheese sticks from Taylor. Right before the band came on, we snuck out really quick to grab a bite. I scarfed down a Lanier, cheese sticks, and washed it down with a Limonata! I'm the skinniest fat boy EVER! We were back before the drummer broke a sweat.

I know the band looks like the weirdest mix of people, but they are awesome. Catch the dyke in the far right playing the trumpet. I got life from her (of course). She looks like she buys sports bras from L.L. Bean, and wear Jean Nate'. She's over!

Here is one of the lead singers. He got life from us. Dionne and I started a congo line at the concert, and the people lost it! They got life and joined in. After the show I was a groupie and took a pic with him. I didn't meet him in the hotel lobby though.

Hi D and Ky!

After the concert we all hit it out separate ways. Joey and I decided to got to EFN and party with "our people" (not Blacks, gays) for a bit. Upon entrance I saw my sweet child James, it was his birthday!

He looked so cute in his bow tie!

At this point it was almost 3 am, and a bitch was still drinking. Does anyone have an extra liver they're not using, I might need it? The club was about to close, so I grabbed my coat and ran out like Flo Jo before the lights came on. When you stay after you look "thirsty". I don't even think I said bye to anyone, Oh well...

When I got home, I looked like I went through customs. I had a gang of stamps and bracelets. And you try getting those off when you're tipsy. It was a show!
It was also a show when my alarm went off a couple hours later for me to get up for work. FUCK! It's not so much fun now is it? All I needed was some fresh air and Starbuck's right?

After Drake (I guess the rap thing wasn't working for him) made my drink, I felt a tad better. Nothing cures a hangover besides time. You just gotta let that shit ride.
Unfortunately, it was a bumpy ride for me. Work seemed to creep by at a snails pace. I hummed negro spirituals to myself and watched the clock stand still. I'll escape to the North one day!
After work, I came home and vegged out! I watched my Kardashians, and then after that it was a Reynolds ( a wrap)!
Now leave me alone so I can go about my day...


I don't know if any of you have heard that Sisqo is on UK's version of 'Big Brother'. Obviously, they had some sort of competition where the guys on the show had to wear a bathing suits. Of course that blonde bombshell queen (not Eve, Sisqo) took it too far...

Drop it drop it low girl!

Oooop! Catch that arch in her back...

I don't know know who this lady is trying to fool. She's been a queen ever since her little short ass was sitting on 'Dru Hill'. Only a nasty dick taking pig bottom shows her cakes like that to the world! I live!
We already knew she had cakes. Remember this picture...

Don't ask me why she had on floaties, cause I have no clue. Doesn't he look like he just got finger fucked? Sorry...(putting both hands up surrendering)


Caught by Q

This girl was on the train the other night. When her phone rang, the ringtone was '5 Star Chick'? She wouldn't even be a 5 star chick if they graded on a curve! Maybe a .5 Star Chick? She tried it!

This old man was so cute. As old as his ass was, he tried to offer a seat to a younger woman who was standing. I liked his socks too!

You guys remember this bitch? Se was beating her face at Metro Center a couple of months ago, well she's switched locations. I saw her at Ballston Starbucks the other day, and she was still contouring! She already had on tons of eyeliner, but she applied even more. Somehow I don't believe she thinks that "less is more"?

White people like coffee!

Another Precious siting...

...and this bitch who gave me Pippy Longstocking.

Who the fuck wears pig tails over the age of 9? I was tempted to pull one and run, but I came to the conclusion that wouldn't be a good idea (blank stare)...


Thanks Viva for sending me this video, of course you knew I would love it. I'm so inappropriate. Get into the old cunt calling the old man a "nigger lover". She is over! I wanna hang out with her. She is fucking him up with that purse. Enjoy!


Viva said...

Its actually grandpa that calls grandma a "N****ger lover"... however, grandma does call him a "pus*y clot" and tells him not to touch her cuz "he might have AIDS"

Just wanted to share the love that goes on in this side of the pond! Enjoy!!!

OC said...

"Only a nasty dick taking pig bottom shows her cakes like that to the world"
LOLOLOLOLOL! Now that was Funnny! No!Q... I live! LOL

xoxo - OC

UrSoVain said...

Lmao @ Drake in Starbucks!! Shade. Aureta's closet goes slam off... those knee high's slay..

Dovie-Lee Lineau said...

i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooved this entire post

Michael said...

Why haven't they given you a show yet? I don't watch reality tv but I would have ur show on my TiVo! You are the ruler of the earth! I live!

Q said...

Awwww, thanks guys I love you for reading about my debauchery! lol...