Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Cougar, Another Cougar, The Cunt, and The Camel...

So yesterday the internet blew up with rumors of Usher and 42 year old record exec, Grace Miguel being engaged. The rumors didn't stop at an engagement, but also said that her and Mr. Raymond were expecting. Hmmmmm?
Usher and his camp are denying the rumors, but only time will tell. I wouldn't put it pass him though. I'm getting the impression that he has an affinity for middle aged cooch. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing bad about middle aged cooch, but maybe he can switch it up every now and then? You young girls trying to get at Usher better hang it up. It seems that he likes his women like his cheese--AGED!
Oh, and one last thing. Is it me, or does Grace Miguel look like a broke down ass Sheree Whitfield? That's a lot, because Sheree Whitfield is a broke down ass Sheree Whitfield. I'm just sayin'...


What's older than a cougar? Maybe an Eagle? They sit high and scope out their prey. Once they do, they stick their talons in, and don't let go. Well shit, this 72 year old eagle from Baltimore has a body better than most chicks my age. She has won countless bodybuilding competitions, and runs more than 80 miles a week! Ernestine Shepherd teaches a fitness class at her local church, and inspires others to stay fit.

This fucking fossil is in better shape than I am. I'm slightly jealous of her arms. Anyways, don't be surprised if Usher turns up with this granny on his arm next! Shit, I bet granny got that "good good"!


Song of the day: "Go Hard" remix Lil Kim

Rhianna Ft Lil' Kim - Hard (Remix) by DJ Decko


For all who watch RuPaul's Drag Race (and that should be everyone reading this blog), you saw Tyra Sanchez take the title of 'America's Drag Superstar' on Monday night.
I knew that he (she) would win. All of the other girls hated him (her) because they knew he (she) was the prettiest.

Can you believe he (she) is a father (mother)? He (she) has a very young son. It must have been some turkey baster shit, because I couldn't see this queen humping any vag!

Congratulations though Tyra!


Speaking of genitalia...

What the fuck was Toni Braxton thinking when she wore this? I'm down for a good camel toe every now and then (Big ups Amber Rose), but this just takes it a tad too far. If I'm offended, you know it's gross. She looks like went shopping in Coco T's closet.

It looks like her crotch is in a headlock and can't breathe. Somebody get her vagina a brown paper bag to breathe into, it looks like it's hyperventilating! Toni knows better than that! Shame on you girl!

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