Friday, April 16, 2010

Rhymes with "Duck" You Friday...

(confused face) So, BET has decided to not play Teairra Mari's new video 'Sponsor' because they say it glamorizes young women having sex in exchange for things? I watched the video, and there hardly wasn't even any interaction between Soulja Boy (who is featured on the song) and Teairra Mari.
For goodness sake, why is BET the morality police now? I've literally sat and watched videos on their network where I could have sworn I caught a glimpse of one of the back up dancers vagina lips. The video in question doesn't even feature any dancers in varying states of dishabille Why are they mad about this video?

And this is none of their concern?

The nigger-fest that is 'Frankie and Neffe' doesn't raise any red flags? Does this program show African American in a positive light? I don't know about you guys, but my mom doesn't act like Frankie Cole.

Oh, here's a great show. They have NEVER had sex with a man in exchange for money or goods. (crickets) That's Toya's whole claim to fame. She popped Little Wayne's cash cow (reginae carter) out of her womb. That's the only reason she's remotely relevant to anyone (not me) these days.

Oh, and then what about 'Baby Boy'? They play this shit to fill up space when there's no programming. I'll bet money to say that BET has played 'Baby Boy' well over a thousand times. If you're at home, turn it to BET. I'm sure that shit is on right now. Besides the fact that they play it so frequently, is this a positive movie to air on their network? Probably not.

I like the video, and the song is cute. Hopefully this song gives Teairra the boost that her career needs.

Oh, and fuck you BET for not playing the video! We don't need them, you guys can watch it here...

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You went HAM on BET! GO in