Monday, November 22, 2010

And My Weekend Went A Lil' Somethin' Like This, "Full Tank", 'Quincy's Favorite Things!", RHWOA, and Wacka Fucka?

Good afternoon lovies, I hope everyone had an amazing weekend! I sure did! It was chock full of great restaurants, shopping, and great company. Which is normally no different from any other weekend of mine, but it was great nonetheless.

On Thursday I met my girlfriend Yaneek at Estadio on 14th. Estadio is a fairly new Spanish tapas restaurant with a twist. They have amazing small plates, and the drink menu is to die for. Yaneek and I dined while we dished dirt. It was just what I needed after a long day of...Actually, I didn't do much all day on Thursday besides online browsing and decorating at my new place. But it was just what I needed!
On Friday I woke up fairly early. I got a call from Billy shortly after I woke up, and we decided to have an impromptu meeting/shopping/lunch excursion/errand running day. Before I knew it, it was time to get dressed for Happy Hour. I was so sad that I had nothing [new] to wear that night until I got home and saw that the FedEx Gods had dropped my box from Stubbs and Wootten!

After I opened the box, all was well with my world. I watched 'Oprah's Favorite Things' show (more on that later) while I got ready for Happy Hour.
I ended up going to The Park on 14th for their 3rd year Anniversary. It seems like Park has been around for longer than that for some reason? After Happy Hour, J and I went to Bourbon Steak to grab a bite.

...and a pear brandy sidecar of course. Come to Papa!

After Bourbon Steak we headed over to a private party at Dirty Martini, the old 1223. It was cute. The interior really didn't change much. I could have done a much better job of transforming that space, but some lucky designer got paid the big bucks to make it look mediocre.

The party was much like a dose of nighttime Nyquil, it made me sleepy--so boring. I swear if this city doesn't shake things up soon, I may have to pack my bags and fleece. Every single party is the fucking same. Oh, and if I see the same heavily botoxed faces one more time I swear I'm gonna scream!

After the Boredom 101 class, I went home. Not before I stopped by my local carryout!

I swear that bitch can fry the hell out of a chicken wing, I tell ya! (Thanks for putting me on Dwayne) If chicken wings from a carryout aren't urban enough, I request for them to drench the wings in hot sauce. Don't judge me, I have to connect with my blackness in some way? Geez!

After some late night artery clogging, I went to bed with hopes of waking up super early. Saturday was the Lanvin for H&M launch. Dumb me didn't set my alarm! Ugh! I woke up in a frantic mess, and rushed downtown to see what was left.

This stunt queen had the nerve to walk around with two wool coats under his pudgy arm. I nicely asked, "Are you purchasing both of those coats?" He replied, "Maybe?" Upon closer observation, I saw that one of the coats was a size 36. Even with the power of prayer that fat fag would have never fit a 36. I asked, "Are you a 36 in Lanvin?" He said shortly, "I just have to try it." I stood there as he tried to shove his oversized log of an arm in the coat. "So, since you can't fit it, could I buy it?", I said. He handed it over without saying a word. "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels!" Thanks for the words of wisdom Kate Moss!

Before you could say "Anorexia", I had already swiped my card and was out of the door. That queen tried to do me. I don't think so!
After floating in Lanvin heaven, I walked around 14th st. I stumbled across an amazing estate sale. I bought a quite impressive framed print of Napolean. I love it!
I walked up 14 to U st and shopped all along the way. We must support our local businesses.

On Saturday night I ventured out to Recess for my friend Tim's birthday.

It was a cute time. I was a patron shot drinking machine. Lord knows how I can put back so much, with no hopes of being wasted? I guess it's all those years of training, it built up my tolerance.

I woke up on Sunday morning sans hangover feeling refreshed. I had a meeting at 1, so I scurried to get ready. After my meeting I met up with my sweet Ky'Leigh to help out with our friend's Horace and Dionne's baby shower.

It was a great time, but with all of this pregnancy talk I was thinking to myself...

...I have been extra bitchy lately. Through some scientific miracle, could I actually be...? I bought the test of course, I'll post the results on the blog later in the week. If I am, run for the hills, because it's the Apocalypse! (wink)


Do you guys remember Tank? He's one of those male R&B singers that have kind of fallen to wayside, you know like RL, KC and Jo-Jo, Keith Sweat...I could go on and on.

I don't know if I ever really cared for his music, but by God did I have a huge crush on Tank when he first came out. I don't even think I could hear what he was singing over the cacophony that his body and lips made. So dreamy.

Apparently he has a new single called 'Emergency'. Again, I have no clue what it sounds like, because I didn't listen to it. I only watched the video with my computer on mute. Enjoy Tank in all of his shirtless goodness just as I did. Now let the church say Amen!


On Friday Oprah aired part one of her 'Favorite Things' episode. This rich cunt gave away Phillip Stein watches, trips, hair care, books, candles, cashmere, condoms (just seeing if you were paying attention), and much more. Part two airs today, and I'll be super glued to my couch anxiously awaiting. I'm so confused why I wasn't chosen to be on the 'Favorite Things' show? Since Oprah was a little bitch and didn't invite me, I'm making a list of my own favorite things.

1. Vanilla Oreos
2. Stubbs and Wootten
3. Johnny Walker Red Label and ginger ale
4. The Pork Belly at Kushi (5th and K NW)
5. Quaker Oats "Quick 5 minute" Grits
6. Pear Brandy Sidecar at Gibson
7. Target (my new obsession)
8. Miss Jessie's Baby Buttercream (Thanks Ky)
9. Anything by Creed
10. Fresh flowers

Those are just 10 of my favorite things apart from the obvious. Make sure you watch Oprah "queen out" on part 2 of the show today. She gets so excited when she gives shit away. I'd love to excite her over and over and over again!


So last night on 'Real Housewives of Atlanta', Nene outed Dr. Tiye as a fake. Obviously he received his doctorate online? I'm not quite sure who would actually get their doctorate online, but who am I to question.

Other highlights last night included ignorant ass Phaedra having her baby, and yet another camoe appearance from Lisa Hartwell. I've seen her ass more this season than when she was actually on the show. I'm not mad at seeing Ed though, he can stay.

Favorite quote hands down all night...

‎"I guess I never realized how well Peter and Nene get along? If that were my fiancĂ©, I wouldn't mind. Cause if you like "this", you wouldn't be interested in "that". --Sheree Whitfield

I don't ever wanna wake up from this 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' dream. Somebody tell me that it will go on forever? It gives me exactly what I need. It's just the right mixture of urban and luxe. I get life so much that I die!


So let me get this right. This guy...

is claiming that Wacka Focka

signed on to do a gay porn with his company? Is he serious? As much as that gives me a semi erection, it's totally not true. Apparently Wacka signed on to have sex with "Memphitz" (the homo thug above), and another guy. Wacka was to putatively perform as a "top", which means he would be doing the drilling.

I fear for this guy's life, he better zip his lips before he ends up "swimming with the fishes"! The whole story sounds cockamamy, but boy does it make for great blog news. Also catch the end of the video when "Memphitz" claims that Wacka is only 8inches! smh. Let's see how this unfolds.

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