Monday, November 15, 2010

And My Weekend Went A Lil' Somethin' Like This, Oooh Naa Naa, Zee Fahzion Shue, and Grand Slam!

Good Monday morning peeps! What a week it's been. Some nasty germ infested fucker had the nerve to pass their cold on to me, so I was down for the count for a couple of days. Thank God for my cocktail of one part CVS brand liquid nighttime cold medicine, 3 parts Johnny Walker Red Label, and 3 parts pulp free Simply Orange OJ.

If you are conscious enough to know you have a cold after one of these cocktails, then you SHOULD suffer the pain. After a couple of these (okay 5), I was back on my feet!

On Wednesday night I attended the private opening for BARCODE which is a new upscale sports bar on L st. It was cute. There's nothing really extraordinary about it. Hopefully it will thrive and do well. The usual DC players were there to sample the food and cocktails. I only tasted a very small plate of food, because I don't like to eat at events. I don't want people to see me actually consuming food. I like to fuel the man-orexia rumors.

On Friday my boo and I went on a day date. We strolled around to the museums downtown. The Museum of Natural History was my favorite. I was of course enthralled by the skull exhibition. It was so McQueen!

I'm so morbid that I would love to have a whole wall of skulls in my house. Don't worry though, the wall that they were nailed on would be covered in Dora the Explorer wallpaper to counter the gruesomeness of it all.

The Hope Diamond exhibit in the Harry Winston Hall! I had some black ski mask thoughts flow through my head while peering at that huge rock! If I broke the glass, do you guys think I could have gotten away? Yeah right! I'd be braiding hair in jail with my shirt tied showing my midriff before you could say "conjugal visit"! Wishful thinking though...

At the Art museum I saw some interesting names for the portraits. "Negro Boy Dancing", hmmm... Should we bring "negro" back? I think I like it more than "African American". It kind of has a ring to it--"Negro". Yeah, I like it. So from now on when I take surveys I'm crossing out African American, and I'm writing in "Negro". I die!

On Saturday I threw a fight party with a couple buddies of mine. It was a huge success. Thanks to everyone who came out.

Hi J.

(photos courtesy: Sean Martae)

While I had a packed room of guest, I was in the other room taking gay self photos in the mirror. What else should I have been doing?

The party was a blast! It took me all day yesterday to recover. Half way through the day I developed a massive headache. I felt like Howard University's marching band was performing inside my head. It was horrible until my roomie came home with some Codeine. Thanks D! Before I knew it, I was watching 'Housewives of Atlanta' sans headache. Hope your weekend was as fun as mine. Naaahhhh, there's no way...Deuces!


Oooh Naa Naa

Ok so, how about I'm in LOOOOOVVVEEEE with this new Rihanna and Drake joint. I can't stop repeating it. Drake's bars at the beginning turn me on, which is weird because he looks like a Fraggle Rock character to me. Rihanna's studio treated T-pained Kim-Zolciaked voice sounds amazing, and her carrot top mop doesn't aggressively annoy me as it has been. Check out the video if you already haven't. This is definitely my Jam of the Week! Enjoy.


'Zee Fahzion Sheu'

If you watched last season's 'The Fashion Show' which featured Kelly Rowland as co-host was a total snoozer. No you aren't narcoleptic, her ass was just boring as hell! This season gives me exactly what I need. That Somalian tranny Iman gives major drama! Besides her wig changing in every single camera shot, she wears dramatic clothing, and doesn't hesitate to read the contestants for filth! In the video below Iman goes off on the Vietnamese queen by calling his dress a "fashion emergency". Most of the time I can't even understand what the fuck she's saying, but I try to put 2 and 2 together.

Anyways, Iman has to be close to 90 years old! Her ass has been modeling since the economic boom after World War I. She looks amazing though. Watch the fossilized model read the queen in the video below. She gives me life! Viva Iman!


Who could ever answer the age old question, "What the fuck is wrong with some Black people?" That's the only thing left for me to say after I saw the video below. Obviously some type of food fight went down in a Denny's restaurant on Halloween night. First, where the hell is there a Denny's? Second, why the fuck were they at Denny's? Lastly, why is the big girl wearing a lady bug costume? I'm so confused. I need answers. Not for anything, at least it's some cheap entertainment. Who cares if it sets the "Black Movement" back 20 years. (sigh)


Tamara said...

This is hilarious Q! I thought I was the only person who thought people look like a Fraggle.

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