Friday, July 11, 2008

"I Can't Hear You..."

What to do think she's listening to on her I pod? I'm just gonna
shoot in the dark here and say, I'm sure it's not one of Joel Osteen's
new audiobooks. Maybe Lil Wayne because that's what everyone is
listening to now? How about some 80's Culture Club? Whatever it is,
chick hasn't moved in 8 minutes. Let me go over there and hold a
mirror under her nose...


Troy N. said...

Saturday and my ass is sitting here at MLK Library getting cruised down and lovin' your blog!!!LOL! Thanks for stopping by mine -Luv ya, stay in touch, why dontcha:) Y'all go head and werk it oooouuttt!

Chet said...

I am certain it was Lil Wayne he seems to be all the fad right about now.