Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"Step Off Jada" and "Oh, Hell Naw"...

Right...So Monday night Normie and I went to see Hancock.  You know, somebody should really sue those people over at Sony Pictures for the old bait and switch.  The only reason I went to see a movie called Han"cock" is because i was hoping to see some full frontal from Ms. Will.  Nothing.  He wasn't even shirtless.  Despite the nudity disappointment, the movie was cute, and the popcorn was over.  The teenage girls at the concessions got into our fashions, and told me that they liked my "baby hair".  They were the rulers of the earth!  
Back to Will... Can we believe that's the same Will Smith from 'The Fresh Prince"?  You know, the lanky boy with the fucked up hairline.  Money will do some things to your ass, because he is a cutie on duty.  He's not the best actor , but he is uber-charismatic, and I didn't mind staring at his muscles for an hour and a half.  Call me Will!

"Oh Hell Naw..."

See, this is why I'm not fond of summer.  Bitches be coming outside looking any kind of way.  Let me just tell you that pictures do her justice, because she had so much cellulite on her legs it was ridiculous.  It looked like someone had taken a metal meat tenderizer, and beat the shit out of the back of her legs.  It's a known fact, people have cellulite.  That's not the issue.  The issue is that if you know you have it, don't wear some short ass shorts.  By the way, before she sat down, her butt cheeks must didn't have any lunch, because they were eating the hell out of those shorts.  They were stuck up in places even the Lord would dare go.  Im over it!



Prince Xem VanAdams-Lumumba said...

You are HILARIOUS! This is My FIRST TIME visiting your Blog, and I am Sooo LOVING and APPRECIATING Your Blunt, Abrasive, Brutal Honesty.

Anonymous said...

wow..... ole girl needs to be jailed for that!

Right... said...

You and your friends stink of fashions.