Thursday, January 08, 2009

Ooooop..., and Hmmmmm.....

Ms. Pharell?


So last night MTV premiered 'Real World Brooklyn' .  Among the 8 cast members, one is a transgendered male to female post op.  
Did MTV try it?  I believe they did.  Following in the footsteps of that drag queen Tyra Banks, another network is using a transgendered person for ratings.  Tyra knew good and well that Isis's ass wasn't gonna win no damn 'Top Model'.  They just wanted "middle America" to gawk at a tranny.  Lesbians and gays have lost their allure, now television execs must up the ante by parading transexuals across my screen.  I'm kinda mad, but I'm still gonna watch.  'Real World Brooklyn' airs Wednesday nights at 10.   


Joey Bahamas said...

First of all...leave my baby alone. Pharell is ovah in his Tom Ford boots...okay, the rest of his outfit may be a mess, but he's still cute!

And, don't you get the feeling that these reality shows are like those old roadside side the lizard man doesn't bring in the crowds so they brought out the bearded's pretty annoying!


J. Clarence said...

Well, it is what reality TV show executives do. They are looking for ratings and this would do the trick. The look for the most crazy mothers for Wife Swap, the eccentric people for shows like the Real World and so on. It's tokenism, but it makes money.

In any event, at the same time we have to acknowledge that this is a big step. Even if she is there as a token it will still expose the issue of transexuality to its viewers which will hopefully start a discussion in somebody's living room. This is how change happens.

They didn't make Ricky and Lucy husband and wife, because they thought it would a progressive move.

Corey Keith said...

LOL @ Ms. Pharell and that tran looks a mess!

Sapphire Blu said...

pharrell: my thoughts are inappropriate, but do you think he could've cropped out the mess behind him?

reality tv sucks arse!!! "the real world" has not held my attention since the beginning: different people plus same drama equals BORING.

Mr. Jones said...

I love Pharell.

SpecialK261 said...

I actually like pharrell's