Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Recessions Make Me Mad When..., Men's Fashion Week Standout, and Let's Hear It For My Boy...

If it's not enough that yesterday Target announced the lay-off of 1,000 employees, now the recession is fucking with the couture shows?  We've always known world and current events to trickle down to fashion, for example the great Wall Street crash of 1929.  We saw hemlines go way below the knee which was a huge contrast from the flapper looks of the early twenties.  Fashion was more subdue, and a little drab at times.  There was a huge concentration on sewing at home.  That's why the Vogue patterns were such a hit.  
On the other end of the spectrum in the 80's everything was big in fashion.  Big hair, big shoulder pads, and bright vibrant colors mirrored the opulent high rolling 80's.  
Which brings us to this fucking mess of a recession in 2009.  If you love fashion, as I do, you love the couture shows.  It's such a fantasy.  I watch in amazement and gawk at these overly adorned costume-like outfits.  Socialites and various dignitaries purchase the garments, and fashion publications have a field day shooting them.  This year, most designers couldn't even participate in the couture shows because there was no money!  Besides the production of the shows, normally each couture outfit cost on average $20,000.  That's a lot of money when you're showing 20 looks.  For the designers who did show, the garments that paraded down the runway lacked the showmanship of prior years.  There was a dramatic cut down on lesage (bead work), and hand work.  
Of course my bank account has been affected in major ways by this messed up recession, but I always had couture.  Now the recession is fucking with my fantasies, I can't take it...!


Speaking of fashion, Men's Fashion Week popped off in Paris.  Ms. Kanye is still over there acting a fool.  Get into this Fall '09 look from Thierry Mugler. get into this shrug like over jacket at Raf.  I live!


...speaking of living for something.  Congrats to my husband Troy Polamolu for making that Superbowl thing.  I'm just happy I get to watch that hair cascade from under his helmet for 3 hours straight.  Who's bringing over the 7 layer dip? 


Joey Bahamas said...

Yeah...the couture shows aren't giving me what they usually give. But I love your break down of how fashion parallels current events. People don't usually get that like all other art, fashion reflects the times.

For men's can we say McQueen, McQueen, McQueen!!!! I want it all...Luv!!!


Acoustic Soul said...

Superbowl thing??