Thursday, February 05, 2009

I Have Many Questions That Need Answers...

Who told Katie Couric to ask Lil' Wayne about him drinking Syrup?  In addition, why was Lil' Wayne calling Katie "Miss Katie" like he was on a plantation? (Grammy Special that aired last night)

Why doesn't somebody get Whitney a stylist, or a faggy friend who will tell her not to wear those damn Tori Burch boots anymore?  I swear this is the second year I've seen her wear them.  She doesn't even discriminate against seasons either, she will pull those bitches out in the summer.  ...And when is she coming back with a cd?  All the time she spends walking around in those funky Tory boots, her ass could be in a studio recording a run.  And I...

What is Erykah Badu on, and why did she name her new baby Mars?  You know what the next reality show needs to be, Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill.  We need to get a huge house and put them and all of their kids in it, and let the good times roll.

Who told Ray J that he could have a show, and why is he sooooooo wack?  First of all, he's like 5 feet tall, and wears over-sized white mink bombers.  Yeah his penis is the fucking ruler but I'm gonna have to vote NO on this one.  YES I CAN!

Are people really mad at this photo of Miley Cyrus and her friends?  The bitch is 16 years old, that's what she's supposed to do.  I could see if there wasn't an Asian kid sitting right beside her?  I'm 3o years old, and myself and my friends of other ethnicities can poke fun at each other.  I'm just waiting for the picture of Miley and her black friend to surface.  I'm sure everyone but the black friend will be eating fried chicken and watermelon.  I'd frame it, I'm not kidding... 

Leave the boy alone, how many of you guys have a fucking Gold medal?

Why do I feel like every time Neicey Nash speaks, she sets the Black Movement back 20 years.  Her performance in 'Not Easily Broken' single-handedly cancelled out the Inauguration of our First African American President.  Oh, can somebody tell her about the flowers in her weave?

Why is my President Black and on the cover of Vanity Fair's March edition looking BEAT! 

Why, Oooooh why...


Sapphire Blu said...

i am so sick of the tory burch "movement" who started it? please stop it.

and definitely wish they would put mike phelps bong hit to rest already. i mean people are doing much worse than herbal delight *got munchies?*

kofitheitboydc said...

I don't think Erykah is anywhere as KAARAZY as Lauryn. I do think that that is a great idea for a reality show. I could just picture the high ass confessionals. All those bushy headed kids. The Battle of Baby Daddies; Part 1: Dre-vs-RMarley, Part2:the DOC -vs-RMarley, Part3: ?-vs-RMArley. Legendary!Come to think of it I didn't even know she was preggers!

Acoustic Soul said...

Q . . . .you are so many things.

You know Lil Wayne is a martian! He says it all the time. LOL

You know Whitney has never been the queen of fashion. I mean she gets by, but she ain't setting or breaking no fashion statements..

How many damn kid Erykah got now. Seven, Puma, Mars. . . did I leave anyone out?

Ray J. We are in a recession. He gotta make some money too!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

wayne is just plane old dumb

theoriginalblowersdaugtr said...

I think the look is supposed to read" 'quiet power', not "beat". It's the subtle treatment. Regardless, he could be on Vanity Fair pickin' his teeth for all I care, he'd still look like a champ to me.

Chet said...

Katie felt quite comfortable with LiL Wayne, on the other hand Lil Wayne was giddy and and oh so un-thugged.
Whitney wears what is left in her wardrobe or donated by designers until she can shop the racks @ Saks for clothing and shoes.
Erykah need I say more? Planet Badu with baby Mars. Take Off!
Ray Jay is trying, and he certainly has potential and dick. Holla!
Miley... Chile Pleeze!
No Gold no Silver just some weed. So what he got high with his bong! Oops he's a public figure a celeb.
Neicey Nash? Leave Sistahgirl alone she'll get it together maybe.
When women beat their men. Obama is giving the stern yet gentle impression on Vanity Fair's March cover.