Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Lipton...

Thank you to my sister Joey ( for throwing a fabulous party last night.  I danced on the stripper pole like a nasty jezebel.  Now I’m off to work like the respectable lady I am.  I can’t party like this anymore, I’m 30 you know…

Anyways, did anyone hear about Ms. Chingy and her supposed tranny escapades.  It seems that the transsexual who alleged to have had repeated “affairs” with Chingy knew quite a bit about him.  The transexual whose name is FOXXJAZELL, (her mama didn’t name her that) says that she wouldn’t have put his business out there like that if he didn’t try to play her.  You don’t ever want to mess with a queen. Ms. FOXX also went on to say that Ms. Chingy was the bottom in the relationship.  She took dick from a tranny?  That is the beatest tea since Hugh Grant.  I live.  I could see it though. She looks a dick taking power bottom.  I’m not hating on you Chingy, WORK!

Speaking of suspect queens, look at this picture here.  Doesn’t it look like Jim Jones should be saying, “Boy, if you don’t stop…(while twirling ringlets of his hair with his finger)”  What’s up with the coy slightly concaved shoulder?  I live!  I’m sure Diddy made Dame and Jim massage his butt while he sipped on a Ciroc and lemonade. 

Thank goodness the "Craigslist Killer" was caught, and is now in custody.  Today's tea is that when they searched his house, they found a rack of women's panties.  They are believing that there are more victims.  How sad.  I don't know what the segue is between being a med student, and using human body parts to season a pot of greens?  What's scary is that he didn't even look like a deranged murderer.  You know he wasn't foaming at the mouth with an unkept beard wearing a dirty plaid shirt, trucker cap, and holding a bloody axe?  Whatever happened to those type of serial killers?  Nothing is sacred these days! 

Why does Star Jones look crazy as shit in this picture?  That's what Oprah should have ask Star on her recent appearance on her show, "Star, why do you be dressing so crazy?  Girl, you look like shit..."  I would get eternal life if Oprah read her like that.  Those tights, Those trash bags full of water that you call breast, and that Lion King weave has got to go.  It seems that she was more beat when she was bigger.  I know what it was, she had that queen of a husband to dress her back then.  Now Ms. Al has flown the coop.  Pull it together Star!

I was getting so much life from this trade on the connector the other night.  He was talking to his cunt on phone.  He didn't think I was listening, but I got in so fiercely.  He was talking in code saying shit like "When you want me give you this?(aka when you want me to bring you this dick)", and "Why you runnin' from it".  I'm sure homegirl on the other end gave...(dressed in Victoria Secret pink sweat pants, a wife beater, and hair in a scarf) "Boy, I ain't runnin' from no dick.  You can bring that shit over here whenever.  I ain't neva' scared"  
I bet they had some ghetto section 8 WIC government assistance sex that night.  You can't do anything else but get life.


Q, Truly said...

"dressed in Victoria Secret pink sweat pants, a wife beater, and hair in a scarf..."

i swear i can't take u sumtimes quincy

Dusty Boot said...

ROFLOL @ "lion king weave"!!!!

deonte' k said...

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boy I can't take u at times u know that.... I know where to get a got laugh when I need it lol. ;)

YBandDL has got Chris Brown's back said...

I think Star looks alot better in that picture, than she has in a long time, and you need to admit it. This weave is a lot better than that sad no weave, take me serious short do she was rocking, with the glasses, she has been doing since her short live crime tv talk show. She doesn't look quite so bobble head looking with the lion king weave. It looks like she won't tip over now.

Explain this to me, if you are goign to Top for a tranny, why not just be with a girl?
how do you think he played her?

You ain't lying about JimJones in that Picture, he look like his name should be Tiffany in that picture!

I wouldn't be scarred either, holla!

Jamar Herrod said...

yessssssss! AND EWWW@CHINGY. I guess people didnt want him after he stopped his rapping. Jim Jones rubbing P. Diddy ass..ha! Oh um Star definitely looks better in that pic than I have see her before too.

Acoustic Soul said...

You truly slay me! You crack me up man.