Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture, Damn Oprah, and Pop Off Son...

Before I start today's post, I just wanna know if anyone else feels like Bernie Madoff is stealing money from their account too?  Every time I check my balance, it's goes down like Karrine Steffans on a rapper.  Hmmmm...(looks up to the sky).  Anyways...

How dare Atlanta police arrest my boo-boo Andre 3000 this past weekend.  Yes he was driving his Porshe at a ridiculous speed, but I'm sure he was trying to get away from "Bombs over Baghdad" or something?  How could any law enforcement official handcuff any man who wears knickers and high-tops?  It's just not right.  "Hey Ya..."

Oooooh, so it seems that the scandals just won't stop at Mr. Oprah's school in Africa.  This time allegedly students forced other students into participating in lesbian acts.  I don't know what lesbian acts mean?  Did they force each other to watch past episodes of 'The L Word', and to wear bad loafers?  Anyways, what ever happened to the cell phones that Oprah gave the girls the last time to use if ANYTHING went wrong?  I bet they are using  those phones to text vote videos on 106 and Park.  
What do they expect?  An all girls school?  I attended a private Catholic University that had strict curfew rules for the opposite sex.  All girls had to leave the boys dorms at 1 a.m.  I was always standing at the door escorting those tricks out.  At about 5 am, it turned into a penitentiary out that bitch.  Those were the days (gazes up at the sky again...).  Oh Sorry, anyways I'm hoping things at the school calm down, or else Mr. Oprah will get mad.  We don't want that, trust me!

Don't judge me alright, I watch 'College Hill' on BET and I think I like it.  I said it, shoot me!  If anyone else is man/woman enough to admit that they watch, Did anyone see the fight between Milan (the slightly over cunt with the better weave and the fake Jamaican accent), and Terry (the fake ass pageant queen with the fucked up grill, the bald sides, and the beauty supply store weave)?  Terry tried it, she called Milan all types of bitches and video hoes.  Right before Milan pounced on Terry she said, "Don't hate me because I look better than you, take that shit up with God!"  I live!  Anyways the roommates had to come to a decision to send someone home.  The tired ass country queen on the show was the deciding vote, and Terry went packing.  I haven't seen that much bitch-calling and hair pulling since Dynasty.  Get in...


Kendal said...

I've actually been boycotting BET, but I'm glad Terry went home. I don't really like Milan either, but I'd pick her over Terry

YBandDL has got Chris Brown's back said...

I haven't got into College Hill this season yet, I keep missing the episodes. I will catch up, becasue BET being what it is, is sure to reair all the missed episodes again. I don't watch BET much, but I do catch thier reality shows. I like College Hill like I like Harlem Heights.

Am I the only one, who wants to hear more about Q's catholic school days?

I'm sure there is no more drama and scandal in O's school then any other boarding school, it just gets air out more, because the school is owned by Big O.

MaybeAndre was in a hurry, like Charles Barkley,..."I was speeding, because I had to get me some"
Don't Andre look like he is working something serious too?

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

lol on 3000 u a fool and folks actually look at that college show dang - we lost for real

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