Friday, April 03, 2009

Executive Homeboy, Dolla Dolla Bills Yall, Queen Q?, and You Betta Sing...

I was on the bus headed to work the other day and saw this guy.  He was all dressed up in a suit (an ill-fitting bad suit, but a suit nonetheless), and he had on dunks.  Not only was he wearing dunks, but they matched his shirt and tie.  What kind of job would require him to wear a full suit, but would allow you to wear athletic shoes?  Hmmm...


That damn sticky icky done got Method Man.  Apparently he owes over $53,000 in back taxes.  He says that he has the money, but he forgot to pay because he was...(I can't even say it).  He said that he didn't pay because...(I swear I can't do it).  Okay, the mother fucker said that he couldn't pay taxes because he was high.  Damn, that's some good shit. I guess that's "All He Needs To Survive."  You know how many brothers in the hood would get out of paying child support if they took this excuse?  Hell, I don't even smoke weed and I may use it.  I'll let ya'll know how that works out. 

Did Tyra teach him how to do that?

I know you guys watched 'Making The Band' last night.  I just don't get it.  What the hell is wrong with Ms. Q?  She has been throwing temper tantrums, snapping her fingers, ringing her neck around like a hula hoop, and rolling her eyes like dice.  What a fucking queen!  I'm so sick of her and her cunty ways.  
It's okay Q, the GLBT community will accept you with open arms.  Just stop picking fights with the trade and running into corners.  Last night he even had the nerve to tell Brian to "suck his dick".  Brian couldn't see licking that queen's man clit.  What a BITCH!!!!


Get into Shanice slaying "Run To You" by Mr. Whitney Houston.  Whitney wishes she could still blow like this.  All of that damn crack has coagulated to the sides of her esophagus, and she just can't hit it like the old days.  Damn you Bobby!


Acoustic Soul said...

The dude with the suit (the bad suit) needed a job. He probably didn't have any dress shoes so he went with what he got. Prolly going to an interview. Can't knock, him for tryin, right?

Method Man needs his ass whooped for using that as an excuse. He was so damn high that he FORGOT to pay his taxes?

Q . . . is a stone cold trip. What happened to him all of a sudden??

Shanice has always been able to blow rooftops off of houses. I hate the fact that her CD's never really do much on the charts. I think she needs to get all new producers and songwriters and take the block back!

Corey Keith said...

LOL at Ms. Que!

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