Monday, October 19, 2009

Week in Review, Monday Wake Up Call, Caught By Q ...

(in heavy Jamaican accent) I'm back mudda fuckas! I was on hiatus last week, I just couldn't find any time to blog. Between work, home, and other things I have going on, it just fell towards the end of my "to do" list.
Sooooooo, here we are now! What's been going on with you guys? O.K., enough about you all! Last weekend was one of the best weekends ever. On Friday it was my sister Darleata and Jamar's birthday celebration at Policy. We said we would be there at 7, but somehow that turned into damn near 9:00. Blacks are so over, we have absolutely no concept of time! You gotta love it! Once everyone arrived, we had a blast!

The birthday boy and girl...

Hi Tim!

This shot looks very editorial, I like! By the way, my red bow tie is over!

That's the birthday boy getting a little more than he bargained for from one of my girls. She had to put it on him for his birthday. Hey J, whatcha gon' do wit all that?

Saturday was a lazy day, I literally stayed in bed all day. After my resurrection, I got up to take my boo to a birthday dinner and movie. We had a huge dinner, and went to see 'Good Hair'. I'm glad I had "the itis", and slept through most of it, because it was some shit! It was boring and repetitive. I didn't pay $10 to see that fat queen Derek J walk across a stage in cheap heels, I can watch that shit for free on RHOA!
On Sunday we went to the Equality March. There were more gays there than a Baptist Minister of Music Convention. It was over!

Taste the rainbow...

There was tons of faggotry going on there. Cynthia Nixon (Miranda from SATC) was there. She is the beatest red headed dike ever! She gave an arousing and insightful shirt speech while also introducing Matthew Shepard's mother to the stage. Fun times. After about 45 minutes there, I started to get antsy. I could only stay around that many gays for so long. So we went to meet two more gays--Jonathan and Nikki! We met them at Creme for brunch. It was bomb as always. I miss being off on Sundays--fuck work!

The rest of the week was a blur, be happy I remembered that much!


Monday Wake Up

For no particular reason at all, just because he's fine as hell--NO HOMO!

Damn Trey!

You gon' think I invented sex...

Get into Kobe's new cover for French Men's Vogue. I've always been a Kobe fan, even when he cheated on his wife. She couldn't see leaving him!

Nice bow tie!

Mother fuckin' drum roll please........

All I know is that Ms. Eva the Diva better be working this shit out or else! Damn Lance Bass...(He has nothing on you though baby)

Lance Bass couldn't definitely tap finish the rest.


Caught by Q

Last week I was headed into work, and this nasty queen tried to walk on me! What a nerve she had to try and walk on me with a chino and a tired GG logo Gucci bag! She was on a phone call, but still took the time to glance at me and throw shade. This Brad wannabe from 'The Rachel Zoe' project better watch his back!
He looks like he lives right on the corner of Faggot Drive and Butt Fuck Avenue! Google map that!

Fire crotch!

I was on the train last night heading home from work, and i wanted to snatch this bitches fur piece. It was beat, and she wasn't showing it grace!

This bitch took every single piece of animal print from her closet and wore it at the same time. What the hell? She tried it! It's gross, but I get life! She can walk for labels! Tens across the board!!!!!!

Shut up, Happy Monday!


della! said...

What im going to want to know is was he on a phone call with no ass at all! honey...thats almost flatter than my kitchen table top!

Wifey said...

It is about DAMN time I have been checkin this shit all last week. Love it