Wednesday, November 04, 2009

What In The Gay?, Caught by Q, and It's 'Dynasty' Wednesday...

I'm sorry you guys I don't mean to be nasty, but I'm so over the ghetto gay hot mess that is Derek J. He calls himself "fabulous" (I don't use that word), and he is so far from it. He is a Mike and Ike away from exploding out of every pair of jeans he puts on. He needs to take his Bakers pumps and flee. If he really wants to battle a boy in pumps...

...battle Phillipe Blond (pictured here with Teyanna Taylor). Phillipe has more over pumps than most cunts I know. Derek doesn't want a day of him. He would shut him up quieter than a church mouse. Get the fuck outta here Derek, and sit your gay ass down!


Caught by Q

Number 1: Why was I on the train this morning and this cunt kept swinging her synthetic pony tail? You know how synthetic hair sheds, and I didn't have a lint brush so I moved with the quickness. I don't even know why she was swinging that shit, because it didn't even move. It looked like it was made from recycled tires or old Coca Cola bottles. Come on ladies, there many alternatives these days when it comes to hair weaves. Step your game up, or fly to India and find the beatest 12 year old girl and shave her shit for BLOOD!

Number 2: These are trade from my barber shop. I was sitting there listening and realized that they gossip more than cunts in the beauty salon. They were talking about who fucked who, and who said what. I started to change the channel on the barber shop television from ESPN to Oprah. I think they would have gotten life. They were ke-keing down! Who ever said men don't gossip--BULLSHIT!

Number 3: I was walking around the city the other day, and felt like I was being followed. I WAS, it was my shadow. As I looked down, I realized that my shadow looked a little chunky, maybe it was my nubby cable knit sweater? Now I have a 26 inch waist, what the fuck does some of y'all motherfuckers shadows look like? Goddamn! I'm just playin' (kinda).


Alexis is the nastiest bitch EVER! I try to channel her at least twice throughout my day. Get into this clip where she throws Blake and Krystle out of their own house! Who does that, and why did she call Krystle's furs "junk"? I get life and then die!

"So take this junk and your blonde tramp, and get out of this house!"


della! said...

they had better know ALEXIS is a BAAAAD GYAL!

Anywho, Yes MEN GOSSIP JUST AS BAD IF NOT MORE THAN WOMEN! who the hell did not know that! Im tired of folks thinking men keep their mouths closed! It was my experience that when drama happens between women..a man told somebody something somewhere in that line!

deontek said...

LMAO @ the shadow part boi lol.