Monday, December 21, 2009

And My Weekend Went A Lil Somethin' Like This...

So yeah. We got a little snow. More on that later. So, first things first, I'm hoping that everyone was snowed in with no food or heat. Also, I'm hoping that the snow hindered you from finishing your children's holiday shopping, and that their Christmas will be ruined. (kidding--kinda)
So, let's start with Wednesday. I had THE absolute worst day. For starters, I was in the worse mood. I had a really heavy flow day. Anyone that saw me that day knew not to fuck with my ass. You know, it was just one of them days (thanks Monica). After work on Wednesday I had to rush home o get ready for the Bilal concert that my boo was taking me to in B-more. Before I went home--just one stop at H&M. All I needed was a dumb pair of gloves, that I was gonna cut to the fingers out of no doubt. Obviously, I picked the wrong line. The checkout girl who inspired a Facebook status, was pregnant ghetto and slow as hell. To the list of adjectives to describe her, could we also add bitchy, annoying, and aloof? Thanks. This pregnant bitch (excuse me Lord) was slow as hell for NO reason at all. She was scanning like one item every damn minute. After every item she scanned, she made sure that she rolled her eyes, and popped her gum.
Was it my fault that she got knocked up, and that she probably has no clue who that big headed fetus' father is? Was it my fault that she doesn't have any clothes that fit her properly (this had nothing to do with the pregnancy by the way. They were waaaayyy to tight pre baby)? Was it my fault that she probably failed her fucking GED because she stayed up the night before her test playing spades instead of studying? Was it my fucking fault? So why did that 'Precious' wannabe make me suffer. If it weren't for that unborn baby, I would write my congressman to get her fired. Ugggghhhhh!!!!!
After the drama at H&M, I rushed home to get ready. We headed up to Baltimore to a cute little venue on the waterfront where the concert was being held. After being in the car for about an hour, and swigging down a bottle of water before I left, I had to hit the little boy's room.

I just wanted to wash my hands. I didn't want condoms--and Magnums at that. Only in Baltimore would the bathroom attendant stock Magnum condoms. I live!

After my restroom adventure, it was time to hear Bilal. He was great. The crowd was really feeling it. Here is a photograph that I took. I'd like to call it "Ghetto Love". (side eye)
I had a great time, even with all of the Coach bags in the room. Who woulda thought?
I was off the next day, and got some much needed rest.
On Friday I worked early and came home to get ready for the snizzow!
My supervisor called me at 7:30 am to tell me that the store was closed. I wanted to tell her, "Hell mutha fuckin yeah, I won't comin' to that bitch no how!" Instead I just said, "Thanks for calling", and then headed downstairs to the cafe to get breakfast.
Later on that night, J and I ventured out to Chinatown.

It was actually pretty busy out. You know white people can't keep their asses in the house when it snows!

The only place open in Chinatown to eat was a mexican joint. They got their coin that day, because motherfuckers were in there fucking up some burritos! Get into the cop trades! I said serve and protect! After we ate, we went to the movies to see 'Brothers'. It was good. It wasn't AMAZING, it was just good. I could give a good fuck what I saw really. I just wanted to get out of the house. Cabin fever is a bitch!
Yesterday I went to work. It took 2 damn hours for me to get there. I couldn't see staying past 5:30. After work I actually went to Chevy Chase and did some last minute shopping. I headed home to rest up. I had a birthday party to attend later on that night.
The party was at STIR. You know the drill, Top 40 music, girls in wristlets and shit!

It looked like a fake ass 'Belly' movie in there. It was cute for a snow night though. This chick tried to do me though. She was standing at my man's table. I asked her who she knew, and that bitch said, "Everybody in here". I said, "That's not true, cause I don't know you." She said, "We're part of the "Angels"." I said, "As in Victoria Secret (add a Sheree face)?" I shooed her ass over to the next table. I couldn't see her giving me attitude in a cheap shoe. If she were wearing a beat pump, then maybe? Bitch please! Take your Forever 21 5.7.9. Bakers shoe yaki weave wearing ass outta here. Tryna do me? Uhhhh Buh Bye! Tired ass groupie!

Short post today, I had writer's block earlier. I'm allowed. You guys aren't the boss of me!


Dovie Lee! said...

Honey! Im back! Ive been gone for a few weeks! Had to get laptop fixed! And a FAKE ASS BELLY MOVIE....CHILE THAT MOVIE IS A FEWL

Michael said...

You should go see Avatar...It's great!