Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's Dynasty Wednesday--The Thursday edition, and...?

Sorry I missed Dynasty Wednesday yesterday. I had to do some grown folks shit, ya'll don't know nothing about that.
Today's clip is a short one, but it trust that it still delivers. Here Alexis is being sent to jail for the murder of Krystle's ex, Mark Jennings. He apparently fell to his death from Alexis' balcony. Her ass was probably dangling him over the side like Michael Jackson dangled Blanket. At that moment she realized that it was time for her 2 p.m. outfit change, so she dropped his ass like Lil Wayne dropped Omarion from his label!
Can we talk about the dress she was arrested in? Who goes to jail in a Valentino red one shouldered couture gown? Get into her rant at the end of the clip, "Let me out of here!" She has to go down in history as one of the beatest television cunts. Well, right next to Dorothy from 'The Golden Girls', and Peggy Bundy from 'Married with Children'. Enjoy fuckers!



Ok, you should all know my sense of humor by now. Nothing really offends me, or disgusts me in any way. I've pretty much seen it all, hell I'VE definitely said it all, but this next clip you're about to witness really takes the cake. When I first watched it, I was in awe. I couldn't believe that I was witnessing something so grimy urban disgusting rude and tasteless. Who's idea was this, because they deserve an Oscar!
Was he really doing an interview and fucking a girl at the same time? That's all I'm saying. Please don't watch this at work and get fired on my account, because I sure as hell don't have any goddamn money to give to your ass! Watch it shamefully at home, and hopefully the girl getting fucked by this tired ass rapper isn't your cousin or something.

I'm both disgusted, and intrigued. Somebody help me.

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