Wednesday, December 30, 2009

While You're Gettin' You're Cry On, She's Gettin' Her Fly On, and It's Dynasty Wednesday!

I don't normally endorse other blogs, because I think mine is the best--this one is pretty major though. Check out my girl Aureta's blog. It chronicles her frequent trips and outfits that will make a bitches neck snap back like a crash test dummy! Get into it here, and make sure to add her to your favorites (right next to me)! Do it bitches, or die! Besos!


Alright, cut the applause! I'm sure you missed Dynasty Wednesday last week just as much as I did. I apologize, I was waist high in Gucci bags and Chanel wallets.
This week's clip starts off with Dominique and Brady played by Billy Dee. Billy Dee had the beatest perm during the show. Call me crazy, but throughout the opening scene of this clip I was waiting for him to pull out a Colt 45 and pour it into a glass to share with Dominique. They were the 80's Jay Z and Beyonce--that Bonnie and Clyde shit. Dominique was like, "Man I got this. You know that white man raped my mama, so I inherited all these coins. Now let's go to Bergdorf and blow some of this shit!" Brady wasn't feeling it, and his insecurities got the best of him, leading to the demise of their relationship, but Dominique could give a good fuck. All she wanted was a closet full of furs, and jewels that would make Liberace turn straight.
At the 2 minute mark get into the tongue lashing between Alexis and Dominique. Alexis says, "Dominique, wasn't there a singing nun by that name?" Dominique replied, "If there was, you'd better start praying to her!" (jumping up and down getting life) The clip is a little over ten minutes long, but make sure you watch the whole thing, the whole snippet is amazing. Besides, ya'll don't have shit to do!


Guest said...

Ms Aureta's heels EEAATT!!!!

Dovie Lee said...

werq it diahann! I loved her on wendy!

t said...

You got me over here in stitches!! LMAO..

"I was waiting for him to pull out a Colt 45 and pour it into a glass to share with Dominique"