Monday, January 04, 2010

And My Weekend Went A Little Somethin' Like This: The NYE Edition, Bang Bang, Pre-Fall 2010, and "Meanwhile, I had Oprah Chillin' In The Projects..."

Should old acquaintance be forgot,
and never brought to mind ?
Should old acquaintance be forgot,
and old lang syne ?

Who ever sings 'Auld Lang Syne'? The only way I'd ever sing that song was if I were in Ireland in some seedy pub wearing the beatest kilt ever along with a whole lot of "fire crotches". And I don't even drink beer, but under those circumstances, I would!
You guys happy it's 2010? I know I am. Lord knows, I'm soooo thankful for everything that I have, but last year was one effed up year. Between the economy and the economy, and lastly the economy things were just not right. We need somebody different runnin' the bakery, cause they was fuckin' wit my bread son (translation for my non urbanites: Last year was a really trying time financially)! Hopefully, this year will bring all you guys happiness and wealth. Eh, and when you get some of those coins, can you let a brother hold like 5 G's?
This year's NYE celebration was amazing--very grown and sexy. My sister Darleata hosted a party at The Donovan House in an amazing suite. We had close family and friends there to bring in the New Year.

There's my girl, giving sexy NYE vixen...

Some of "The Fam" chillin', waiting for midnite to come.

Just a shot of some of the very round bottoms that were in the house that night. If all 3 of them put their ass power together, I'm sure they could end the war and bring our troops home.

See look at them! They were trying to attack me with their asses! They had me cornered. Thank God I broke free! lol...

After the party in the suite, we went downstairs to enjoy a great DJ. We danced the night away, until it was on to the next one...

The guys outside trying to figure out the next move...

After Donovan, I went with my boo and some of his lovely friends from the "Westside" to my sister Joey's party at Mirrors. It was packed! The crowd was hype, and they were selling $40 dollar bottles of champagne. What's better than that?

The next day was brunch and...

The movie was amazing. It was directed by Tom Ford, I mean how couldn't it be? The imagery burned a whole in my memory. I was inspired in so many ways. I'll definitely go back to see it again--for more reasons than one...

The next day (notice I'm not calling the names of the days, because they all ran together--I have no clue what today is even. I've been off since last Wednesday) I had lunch with J, the "Westside" crew, and my brothers Borzou and Kayvan.

There's Borzou smiling with his eyes after lunch. I've taught him so well.
After lunch, we braved the extreme cold to do some shopping in G-town. The boys have a trip to Punta Cana next week and needed some gear. Even though I'm super jealous, I helped them out...

Here's the boys clowning around in the dressing room. Borzou is not naked by the way, cause that would just be
On Saturday night I stayed home. It was waaaay to cold to venture out. Last week I bought a funnel cake maker, so I tried to make some for J and I, but they didn't turn out right. After I burned 4 of them, I was over it. One came out slightly alright, but aesthetically it looked horrible. It looked like a pancake/doughnut hybrid--just bad.
Yesterday morning I woke up and had a feeling that I should go to church. It's not often that I have Sunday's off so why not? I made sure to wear a fire retardant suit, just in case I were to combust into flames. The service was nice. The choir rocked out. The ushers walked around with credit card machines during offering (crickets). I'm soooo not kidding, they actually walked around with handheld credit card machines printing out receipts.
I guess the pastor had to collect coins to pay for this...

Oh yeah, that's a Rolls Royce son! I made sure I checked my pockets before I left. I just felt that I should, I'm not implying anything...
After church, I came home to nap. All of that robbery, I mean church made me sleepy. After my nap, I met Joey for a quick shopping excursion and a bite. We ordered everything in sight being that the both of us hadn't eaten in almost a full 24 hours. BINGE!
Which brings me to today. I'm having super anxiety about going back to work tomorrow. Every time I think about it, I wanna strangle a kitten (just kidding PETA).
I feel good about 2010. It already looks promising. Hopefully, things work out for you guys as well...(winks)


Allegedly Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton, both of the Washington Wizards pulled guns on each other in the locker room after a dispute over a card game. First of all, why were they BOTH carrying guns to a practice. Secondly, why were they fighting over cards? They ruined my whole fantasy of what goes on in a NBA locker room. In my fantasy they all wash each others backs in the shower. After shower time, they all go online and shop on Gilt Group--no guns involved. Hopefully, for Mr. Arenas this isn't true. It could mean jail time and suspension. We'll see...


Just a glimpse of a couple of my favorite looks from Pre-Fall 2010. It seems that most of the collections are filled with bold pops of color. I'm already inspired for my outfits 9 months ahead of time. You gotta get on these things, you know?





You guys have no excuse now to look like a fuckin' mess next Fall, you have months to get your looks together. Again, pops of color! Say it with me! Pops of color!


Check out Jay-Z's video for "On To The Next One". The video which was directed by Sam Brown is normally known for his videography on the Alternative scene. I like how the video looks very clean, artistic, but still has a hip hop feel to it. Hats off!


Jamar said...

Sounds like you had a great time during NYE. Lots of asses in cute skirts...I know they were working it out! Lol. Sounds like you guys braved the cold afterwards too. I hope to check out the Tom Ford movie indeed if it is available in the A. We know that you are not planning to make any more funnel cakes in the well at least you tried. Your latino friend is looking good in that pink shirt! The Washington Wizard players should be worrying about their game instead of using guns on each other. They are 10-21 in the Southeast division and are ranked last. Of course I don't lose sleep over the Wizards since they are not my favorite team anyway! Pow! This Versace model was giving me life with her outfits but she was the only one! Sorry...Jay-Z's video was fly but the song sucks! I'm over it!

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